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  1. Model Test 4 ~0~ LISTENING COMPREHENSION ──────────────────────────────────────────────────── Part I: Picture ~E1~ Directions: In your test book, you will see a picture. On the compact disc, you will hear four statements. Choose the statement that most closely matches the picture and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. 1. Look at the picture marked number 1 in your test book. (A) The lamp is on the wall. (B) The man is at his desk. (C) The phone is on the table. √ (D) The light is over the bed. 2. Look at the picture marked number 2 in your test book. (A) The table is set for four. (B) The diner seem pleased. (C) The waiter puts the silverware on the table. √ (D) The officer is bowing. 3. Look at the picture marked number 3 in your test book.
  2. (A) The meat is on display. (B) The meeting is in session. √ (C) Only four people attended. (D) The track meet is held today. 4. Look at the picture marked number 4 in your test book. (A) The trees are cut into lumber. (B) The pipeline runs down to the mountain. √ (C) Water comes from the well. (D) Oil is transported by tankers. 5. Look at the picture marked number 5 in your test book. (A) The laboratory workers are in lab coats. (B) The doctor is examining the chart. (C) The woman is reading to the patient.
  3. (D) X rays are behind the doctor. √ 6. Look at the picture marked number 6 in your test book. (A) The lamp is on the table. (B) The mother sits next to the father. (C) The family is having dinner. √ (D) The boys are throwing food. 7. Look at the picture marked number 7 in your test book. (A) The customer is ordering a meal. √ (B) They are leaning to read. (C) The waiter is approaching the customer. (D) The guests are waiting to order. 8. Look at the picture marked number 8 in your test book.
  4. (A) He's driving to the luggage store. (B) He's packing for a trip. (C) He's going to put his suitcase in the car. √ (D) He's checking his bag at the station. 9. Look at the picture marked number 9 in your test book. (A) The surgeon gives himself an injection. (B) The man wears protective clothing. √ (C) The scientist experiments with guinea pigs. (D) The pharmacy serves hospital patients. 10. Look at the picture marked number 10 in your test book.
  5. (A) The girls are playing soccer. √ (B) The fish net is drying. (C) The goalie is holding the ball. (D) The field is covered with flowers. 11. Look at the picture marked number 11 in your test book. (A) The port handles heavy traffic. (B) The police officer stops the thief at the door. (C) The doorman carries a bag. √ (D) The pilot prepares to take off. 12. Look at the picture marked number 12 in your test book.
  6. (A) People are waiting for their flight to board. (B) Luggage is scattered throughout the hall. (C) People are planning for their trip. (D) Passengers get their luggage. √ 13. Look at the picture marked number 13 in your test book. (A) The tanker is docked by the storage facility. √ (B) The service station attendant is pumping gas. (C) The sailboat is in the harbor. (D) The island is being pounded by waves. 14. Look at the picture marked number 14 in your test book. (A) The man refers to the map. √ (B) The storm is approaching rapidly. (C) His glasses are bent and crooked. (D) The speaker is gesturing upwards. 15. Look at the picture marked number 15 in your test book.
  7. (A) The messenger carries a mailbag. (B) The pants have a white stripe. (C) The messenger knocks on the door. √ (D) The manager delivers the bill. 16. Look at the picture marked number 16 in your test book. (A) The shopping bags are large. (B) The pillows are stuffed with cotton. (C) The cargo is being unloaded. √ (D) The ship is going through customs. 17. Look at the picture marked number 17 in your test book.
  8. (A) The clients are preparing A-V equipment. (B) The people are relaxing. √ (C) The waitress serves the food. (D) The woman is conversing with the men. 18. Look at the picture marked number 18 in your test book. (A) The laborers are eating lunch. (B) The store is crowded. (C) There are many pedestrians. √ (D) The shopkeeper repairs bicycles. 19. Look at the picture marked number 19 in your test book.
  9. (A) The oil rig is under water. (B) Both men are wearing gloves. √ (C) The workers are talking over a distance. (D) The plumbers repair the pipes. 20. Look at the picture marked number 20 in your test book. (A) There are walls on both sides of the track. √ (B) The company has a monopoly. (C) The train track runs underground. (D) The grain elevator is near the railroad. Part II: Question-Response ~E2~ Directions: On the compact disc, you will hear a question and three possible answers. Choose the answer that most closely answers the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. 21. Who's there? (A) It's mine. (B) Over here. (C) It must be Joan. √ 22. What are you thinking about? (A) The boat is sinking. (B) I'm thinking about my vacation. √ (C) Your ink pad is blue. 23. When did he leave her?
  10. (A) Sometime last night. √ (B) The leaves turn yellow in the fall. (C) Her lawyer signed the deed. 24. Where are you staying? (A) At a hotel. √ (B) Even if they say no. (C) I got a stain here. 25. Which is your fax number - this one or that one? (A) My back feels numb. (B) The one that ends in fifty-six. √ (C) I'm not very fast. 26. Why is no one here? (A) The room is crowded. (B) We're just too early. √ (C) I cannot hear very well. 27. How was the weather? (A) It's rained every day. √ (B) She was wearing a hat. (C) The clothes are still wet. 28. Would you like milk in your coffee? (A) Milk is good for your cough. (B) The fee was approved. (C) Just sugar. √ 29. Who opened this letter? (A) He let her come to the opera. (B) She used this pen. (C) I opened it by mistake. √ 30. When did the conference begin? (A) It started last Monday. √ (B) The day after tomorrow. (C) The can is made of tin. 31. Which time is better for you - morning or afternoon? (A) This watch is better. (B) I'm free after lunch. √ (C) It's time to get up. 32. How long is train ride? (A) The bride is very tall. (B) It's very short - only two hours. √ (C) There are ten cars on the train. 33. What is your occupation? (A) I'm an accountant. √ (B) I'll pay close attention. (C) The room is occupied. 34. Are you coming or not? (A) He is not coming. (B) Yes, but I'll be late. √ (C) They didn't come last night. 35. Where are you sitting? (A) My seat is on the aisle. √ (B) I live in New York City. (C) The baby-sitter is at home.
  11. 36. Why are you so sleepy? (A) The water is very deep. (B) I was awake all night. √ (C) I love sweet peas. 37. Who was on the phone? (A) It was the travel agent calling about our trip. √ (B) I left my work at home. (C) The telephone is on the desk. 38. Is there any more food? (A) The supermarket is crowded. (B) He is still in a bad mood. (C) There's more in the kitchen. √ 39. How often do you travel by train? (A) It rains frequently. (B) I take the train every day. √ (C) A plane leaves every hour. 40. What color shall we paint the hall? (A) Let's leave it white. √ (B) He's over six feet tall. (C) The painting hangs on the wall. 41. Which tie should I wear with my gray suit? (A) I always get migraines at work. (B) I tried, but I couldn't do it. (C) Either the red or the blue one. √ 42. Who met you at the door? (A) They bet me I wouldn't come. (B) The security guard was at the front door. √ (C) The table is by the door. 43. When do you think you'll be finished? (A) In about an hour. √ (B) They finished after me. (C) I thought about it yesterday. 44. Why aren't you coming with us? (A) We won't go with you. (B) I don't feel well. √ (C) I didn't come with you. 45. Are you alone? (A) Yes, everyone has gone to lunch. √ (B) Yes, you're lonely. (C) No, no one is here. 46. What page is the article on? (A) It's on Wednesday. (B) Did you look under the bed? (C) It's on page two at the bottom of the page. √ 47. Where should I wait for you? (A) You weigh too much already. (B) Wait for me on the corner. √ (C) I waited for an hour for you. 48. How much longer will you be on the phone? (A) I'll be off in a minute. √ (B) The phone is off the hook.
  12. (C) The cord is five feet long. 49. Has this memo been sent to all departments? (A) Yes, it was sent by e-mail. √ (B) The shipping department is on the first floor. (C) No, the department store is closed. 50. What was the worst part of your trip? (A) The rip was mended by the tailor. (B) Don't forget to give a big tip. (C) We missed the plane. That was the worst. √ Part III: Short Conversations ~E3~ Directions: On the compact disc, you will hear a short converstation. In your test book, you will see a question and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. 51. M: What are your store hours? W: We're open from ten until six, Monday through Friday, and from nine until eight on Saturdays. We're closed on Sundays. M: Thank you. What does the man want to know? (A) Directions to a store. (B) What day it is. (C) Store hours. √ (D) His size. 52. W: I'm going to buy some new shoes. These are soaked with rain. M: They certainly are! They're dripping on the carpet. W: I'll buy shoes that will keep my feet dry. What happened to the woman's shoes? (A) She got them wet. √ (B) She left them on the train. (C) She dropped them at the corner. (D) She left them in the car. 53. M: I tried to call you, but there was no answer. W: I'm sorry. I didn't hear the phone ring. M: You should turn the volume up. Why didn't the woman get the call? (A) She wasn't home. (B) She didn't know how to answer. (C) She didn't check the answering machine. (D) She didn't hear the phone. √ 54. M: It's a beautiful day for a drive. W: Yes, I'm glad you didn't fly. M: We can see some of the countryside instead. Why is the woman glad? (A) They didn't pay extra. (B) They didn't take a plane. √ (C) They're leaving the country. (D) They're staying inside. 55. M: The supervisor would like to see you in his office. W: Oh, no. I wonder what I did wrong. M: Don't worry. You've been doing a good job.
  13. Why is the woman worried? (A) The supervisor canceled their meeting. (B) She wants to see his office. (C) She thinks she made a mistake. √ (D) She hasn't done anything right. 56. M: Room three-sixty-five is large and overlooks the hotel pool. W: Actually, I'd prefer something quieter. M: I'll move you to five-seventeen. It's smaller, but very quiet. What kind of room does the woman want? (A) Small. (B) Quiet. √ (C) Large. (D) Noisy. 57. M: Would you like any dessert? W: No, thank you. I'm full after that delicious dinner. M: I'll just get the check, then. Where did this conversation take place? (A) In an office. (B) In an airplane. (C) In a park. (D) In a restaurant. √ 58. M: I'll pay with a credit card. Here you are. W: I'm sorry, sir. This card has expired. M: Put it on this other card, then. What was wrong with the credit card? (A) It was no longer good. √ (B) It was out of place. (C) It hadn't been signed. (D) The store doesn't accept credit cards. 59. M: Are you free to meet for lunch at twelve? W: No, I'm busy all day. How about dinner on Tuesday? M: No, I'm tied up then. Let's have breakfast on Wednesday. When can they meet? (A) For lunch. (B) On Tuesday. (C) For dinner. (D) For breakfast. √ 60. M: There are three towels missing from four-sixteen. W: Are you sure? There are only supposed to be two towels per room. M: Yes, but they asked for two extras last night. This morning, there was just one. How many towels are missing? (A) One. (B) Two. (C) Three. √ (D) Four. 61. M: Here are your tickets & your hotel reservations. Will you need anything else for your trip? W: Yes, I'd like a rental car. M: We reserved one for you already. Enjoy your trip. What is the man's profession? (A) Hotel clerk. (B) Travel agent. √ (C) Airline pilot.
  14. (D) Ticket clerk. 62. M: This subway car is too crowded. Let's wait for the next train. W: We'll be later getting into the city. M: But at least we'll be able to get seats during the ride. Why does the man want to take the next train? (A) It's an express. (B) He wants to buy a paper. (C) He wants to sit down. √ (D) He wants to ride downtown. 63. M: This coffee isn't fresh. I'll make a new pot for you. W: Please don't bother. I'd prefer tea. M: In that case, I'll boil some water. What is the man going to do? (A) Make some coffee. (B) Make some tea. √ (C) Get ice water. (D) Serve some fish. 64. M: May I help you? W: Yes, I have a ten o'clock appointment with Ms. White. M: Ms. White is expecting you. Her office is on the tenth floor. Who is woman talking to? (A) The receptionist. √ (B) The shipping clerk. (C) The librarian. (D) The personnel director. 65. M: I'd like to leave for the airport by three-thirty. W: Isn't that a little early? M: Yes, but we will avoid heavy traffic. Why does the man want to leave at three-thirty? (A) He likes to arrive early. (B) He's afraid he'll miss the plane. (C) He doesn't like to hurry. (D) He thinks traffic will get bad. √ 66. M: Don't you think this plant will look nice on my desk? W: You should hang it by the window. It likes natural light. M: Oh, dear. I thought it was a plant for artificial light. Where should the man put the plant? (A) On his desk. (B) In artificial light. (C) By the window. √ (D) In the hall. 67. M: Would you like a round-trip ticket or one-way? W: Round-trip, please. Is it a direct flight? M: Yes, it's nonstop. What kind of ticket did the woman get? (A) Round-trip. √ (B) One-way. (C) Discounted. (D) Full-fare. 68. M: Mr. Tan was in an accident last night. W: Is he all right?
  15. M: Is was pretty bad. He'll spend one week in the hospital and another three weeks at home. How long will Mr. Tan be away from work? (A) One night. (B) One week. (C) Three weeks. (D) Four weeks. √ 69. M: My typewriter ribbon broke again! W: That wouldn't happen if you used a computer. M: Maybe, but some jobs are still easier to do on a typewriter. What is the woman's solution to the problem? (A) Buy a new ribbon. (B) Get a different typewriter. (C) Learn to use a computer. √ (D) Get another job. 70. M: It's very icy this morning. The roads are terrible! W: Let's change our nine o'clock meeting until one o'clock. M: That's a good idea. With this weather, everyone will be late. What is the woman going to do? (A) Postpone the meeting. √ (B) Be late to work. (C) Cancel the meeting. (D) Wonder whether it's a good idea. 71. M: Could you please turn your radio down a little? W: Of course. Don't you like music? M: Yes, but not when I'm trying to work. What did the man ask the woman to do? (A) Turn the radio around. (B) Practice her music. (C) Try to work harder. (D) Lower the volume on her radio. √ 72. M: Did you enjoy the museum? W: Yes, but the tour guide was in such a hurry, I hardly got to see the paintings. M: Maybe you can go back there on your own. What did the man suggest that the woman do? (A) Take another tour. (B) Hurry up. (C) Go back to the museum alone. √ (D) Get a painting of her own. 73. M: I'm sorry I'm late. I got lost trying to find the restaurant. W: We'll buy you a map of the city after lunch. M: Maybe that will keep me from getting lost next time. Why is the man late? (A) He lost his map. (B) His map is old. (C) He forgot the restaurant's name. (D) He got lost. √ 74. M: Can you help me type this report? I just got it this afternoon, and the deadline is tomorrow. W: Sure, but I can only stay until seven. M: That's fine. I hope we'll be done by then. When is the report due? (A) This afternoon. (B) At 7:00.
  16. (C) At 10:00. (D) Tomorrow. √ 75. M: Do you drive to work? W: No, I take the subway. I don't like to park in the city. M: I always drive. I like having the car nearby if I need it. Why does the woman take the subway? (A) Driving is too expensive. (B) She sometimes needs her car. (C) She likes to drive. (D) She doesn't like to park. √ 76. M: May I speak to Ms. Kim, please? W: I'm sorry. She's not in. May I have her return your call? M: No, thank you. I won't be near a phone. I'll call back later. Why doesn't the man leave a message? (A) He doesn't know Ms. Kim. (B) He won't have a telephone with him. √ (C) He won't talk to the receptionist. (D) He's calling long-distance. 77. M: Can I help you set up the display? W: Sure. Let's put it by the door. M: No, people will run into it. We'll put it along the wall. Where will they put the display? (A) By the door. (B) By the window. (C) Along the wall. √ (D) In the mall. 78. W: Ow! I think I hurt my ankle on the stairs. M: Take off your shoe. Can I do anything? W: Just call the company nurse. It really hurts a lot. What does the man need to do? (A) Call the nurse. √ (B) Help her walk. (C) Lift the chairs. (D) Buy her some new shoes. 79. M: Is there a post office around here? W: Not very close. Go two stops on the bus and turn right. M: I know where that one is. I hoped there was one closer. Why is the man disappointed? (A) The post office isn't close. √ (B) The post office is closed. (C) The post office isn't round. (D) The post office is on the bus route. 80. M: How often are paychecks issued? W: Paychecks are issued every two weeks. M: Good. I think that's better than once a month. When are the paychecks due? (A) Once a week. (B) Once a month. (C) Twice a month. √ (D) By two o'clock.
  17. Part IV: Short Talks ~E4~ Directions: On the compact disc, you will hear a short talk. In your test book, you will see several questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. Questions 81 and 82 refer to the following recording. - This is the first call for priority boarding for Flight two-nine-four to Minneapolis. Persons with disablilities, senior citizens, and persons traveling with small children are invited to board at this time. Anyone needing extra help may request assistance from a flight attendant. Now read question 81/82 in your test book and answer it. 81. Who should get on the plane during priority boarding? (A) People with connecting flights. (B) Large groups. (C) Elderly people. √ (D) Airline personnel. 82. If someone needs help, who should they ask? (A) The security office. (B) A flight attendant. √ (C) The pilot. (D) The ticket agent. Questions 83 and 84 refer to the following advertisement. - Can't find the information you need? Come see our wide selection of technical and professional books. We cover a variety of topic areas in over fifty fields, including computer science, psychology, economics, and international law. If it's not in stock, we'll order it for you! Now read question 83/84 in your test book and answer it. 83. What kind of books does this store carry? (A) Novels. (B) Children's books. (C) Professional books. √ (D) Textbooks. 84. If the store doesn't have the book in stock, what will it do? (A) Refer you to another store. (B) Look it up in the master list. (C) Give you a different book at a discount. (D) Order it. √ Questions 85 and 86 refer to the following weather report. - This morning will be partly sunny with temperatures in the upper fifties. Increasing cloudiness is expected this afternoon, giving us some rain by early evening and into the night. The rain will continue through the weekend. Now read question 85/86 in your test book and answer it. 85. When can we expect it to get cloudy? (A) In the morning. (B) In the afternoon. √ (C) In the evening. (D) At night. 86. How long will the rain last? (A) All weekend. √
  18. (B) All day. (C) All afternoon. (D) All morning. Questions 87 and 88 refer to the following news item. - This is the season when everyone catches colds. Although there is no cure, most colds last only three to five days. To recover as quickly as possible, you can follow a few simple steps. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice. Get lots of rest, and make sure you eat healthy meals. Now read question 87/88 in your test book and answer it. 87. How long do most colds last? (A) 1 day. (B) 1-2 days. (C) 3 days. (D) 3-5 days. √ 88. How can you speed recovery? (A) Stay warm. (B) Drink fluids. √ (C) Take medication. (D) Avoid caffeine. Questions 89 and 90 refer to the following advertisement. - Let Office Caterers take care of your next lunch meeting. We can provide a gourmet box lunch for each of the participants, or set up an elegant buffet right in your conference room. We can also cater your next office party, reception, or breakfast meeting! Now read question 89/90 in your test book and answer it. 89. Who should hear this advertisement? (A) Homemakers. (B) Business people. √ (C) Mail clerks. (D) Receptionists. 90. What does this company provide? (A) Conference planning. (B) Furniture rentals. (C) Food for business occasions. √ (D) Maid service. Questions 91 and 92 refer to the following announcement. - This is the green line subway to the shopping mall and northern suburbs. If you want to go to the airport, you're on the wrong train. Get off at this station and catch the next gray line train to the airport. Now read question 91/92 in your test book and answer it. 91. Where is this train going? (A) Into the city. (B) To the hospital. (C) To the business district. (D) To the shopping mall. √ 92. Which subway line goes to the airport? (A) The gray line. √ (B) The green line. (C) The red line. (D) The blue line.
  19. Questions 93 and 94 refer to the following announcement. - Because of the federal holiday, all government offices will be closed on Monday. Schools, banks, and libraries will also be closed. Buses, subways, and other public transportation will operate on a weekend schedule, with no additional buses or trains for rush hour service. Now read question 93/94 in your test book and answer it. 93. Why are these closings taking place? (A) It's Sunday. (B) There is no transportation. (C) It's a federal holiday. √ (D) The weather is bad. 94. What service is the transportation system eliminating for the day? (A) Rush hour service. √ (B) Weekend service. (C) Service into the city. (D) Service to recreation areas. Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following news item. - The latest survey shows that business travelers have some suggestions for improving hotel service. Most travelers would like hotels to be located closer to shopping and entertainment facilities, rather than in the business district. They also suggest that the hotel restaurants include lighter meals, such as fresh salads and vegetable plates. They request that exercise and recreation facilities at the hotels be open at night as well as during the day, to accommodate business travelers' hectic schedules. Now read question 95/96/97 in your test book and answer it. 95. Who participated in this survey? (A) Hotel owners. (B) Secretaries. (C) Housekeepers. (D) Business travelers. √ 96. Where would travelers prefer to have hotels located? (A) In the business district. (B) Close to parks and museums. (C) Near shopping and entertainment. √ (D) Beside the airport. 97. What additional service should the hotels provide at night? (A) Access to exercise and recreation rooms. √ (B) Movies in the rooms. (C) Light snacks in the lobby. (D) Transportation services. Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following recording. - Thank you for calling the City Transit Authority Helpline. We will be glad to help you find your way around the city by public transportation. Please have the following information available: your point of departure, where you are going, and the day of the week and time you would like to travel. You will want to have a pencil and paper handy to write down the bus numbers, subway lines, and transfer points. Now read question 98/99/100 in your test book and answer it. 98. What does this service do? (A) Provide visitors with maps. (B) Tell you which buses and subways to take. √ (C) Sell you tickets for transportation. (D) Tell you what you should see.
  20. 99. What information is necessary to get help? (A) Your ticket number. (B) Your budget. (C) How you would like to get there. (D) The day and time of travel. √ 100. What should you have ready by the phone? (A) An address book. (B) A list of tourist attractions. (C) A pencil and some paper. √ (D) A guidebook. ~E~