1500 test (trình độ C)

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  1. 1500 TEST (Trình Độ C)
  2. TEST 1 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. country b. fun c. summer d. truth > d 2. a. trouble b. flu c. tooth d. shoe > a 3. a. heart b. turn c. early d. third > a 4. a. song b. one c. long d. gone > b 5. a. fork b. fall c. wrong d. caught > c 6. a. full b. push c. but d. put > c 7. a. deal b. heal c. stealth d. steal > c II. Find the mistakes: 8. At present, I am a student at the Local Technical College, which I am studying English part-time. a. at b. which c. am studying d. English part-time b 9. One of the girl who worked in that company died. a. the girl b. who c. worked d. died a 10. This lesson is such long that I have written it for 30 minutes. a. is b. such c. that d. have written b III. Grammar and vocabulary: 11. I read in the newspaper that there has just been a against the government in Transylvania. a. relevant b. revolting c. revolution d. revolver > c
  3. 12. You have to be rich to send your child to a private school because the fees are a. astronomical b. aeronautical c. astrological d. atmospherical > a 13. Does that newspaper the government or oppose it? a. advantage b. assist c. encourage d. support > d 14. It’s distressing to see small children in the streets. a. pleading b. imploring c. begging d. entreating > c 15. You’ll get a free month’s subscription you renew your membership by the end of January. a. unless b. however c. were d. provided > d 16. Most of my friends are reporters. a. newspapers b. newspaper c. newspaper’s d. newspapers’ > b 17. The electorate will not easily forgive the government for failing to fulfill its . a. promises b. vows c. aspirations d. offers > a 18. Mark Twain is a famous American a. physicist b. poet c. chemist d. writer d
  4. 19. The ship broke and the people were drowned. a. out b. out of the sea c. into pieces d. to pieces > c 20. I have a car, I prefer to travel by train. a. In spite of b. Despite c. Because d. Although d 21. My brother sang of all the pupils of the group. a. more beautifully b. the most beautifully c. less beautifully d. most beautifully > b 22. I wish he change his minds so often! a. shouldn’t b. wouldn’t c. mightn’t d. couldn’t > b 23. Doctors advise people being deficient Vitamin C to eat more fruit and vegetables. a. in b. of c. from d. for > a 24. Because I am terrified of spaces, I never go in lifts. a. contained b. compressed c. constricted d. confined > d 25. In a four-hour operation, surgeons managed to sew the girl’s hand back on. a. cut b. grazed c. crushed d. severed > d 26. Even though I hadn’t spoken English for many years, I picked it again after a few weeks.
  5. a. on b. over c. up d. through > c 27. “You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday evening. You be really hungry!” “I am.” a. might b. will c. must d. can > c 28. Do most of the people who live along the shores of earn a living ? a. the Mediterranean / by farm b. Mediterranean / by farming c. the Mediterranean / to farm d. the Mediterranean / by farming d 29. I like books on literature a. more than b. most of all c. much more d. not at all > b 30. It is no use to school if you to work hard. a. going / do not ready b. to go / do not ready c. going / are not ready d. go / are not ready c 31. There were many big trees, between me and the river and now they all fell down into the water. a. each other b. one after another c. one another d. a lot > c 32. "It seems he's driving more carefully now." "Yes, after three times for speeding." a. to be arrested b. be arrested c. having been arrested d. have been arrested c
  6. 33. But I could not stay on the tree all my life and I began to make a plan get away. a. for b. of c. in order to d. so that > c 34. Active: The teacher is questioning him in class. (Change into Passive voice) a. The teacher is being questioned in class. b. He is questioned in class by the teacher. c. He is being questioned in class by the teacher. d. He was being questioned in class by the teacher. c 35. Last year I was to be invited to visit Hanoi. a. too lucky b. more fortunate c. less lucky d. fortunate enough > d 36. Upon returning from class, a. a letter was in the mailbox b. a letter was found in the mailbox c. he found a letter in the mailbox d. the mailbox had a letter in it c 37. She is not doing in the garden, just walking about the place. a. anything b. nothing c. something d. a few > a 38. recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into a variety of subdisciplines. a. It is since b. When c. Since it is d. In d 39. The child always keeps his hands and face a. cleanly b. clean c. clearly d. carefully > b 40. He found his trousers but clean. a. it wasn't
  7. b. they wasn't c. they weren't d. it weren't c 41. At the party, he drank a. lemon juice a lot of b. many glasses of beer c. many wine d. much waters > b 42. The incidence of anorexia nervosa, , is growing in industrially advanced societies. a. is an eating disorder b. an eating disorder which c. an eating disorder d. for which an eating disorder c 43. I don’t know how many of books among these are his. a. a b. yours c. the d. such a > c 44. On the battlefield of Waterloo, about 45,000 men were left a. dead and wound b. dead and wounded c. to die and wound d. death and wound b 45. The old man is both deaf and dumb. He can understand us. a. harder b. hard c. hardly d. difficult > c 46. I couldn't make coffee for everybody. There weren't a. cups enough b. enough cups c. cups too d. too cups b 47. I read an interesting in the paper the other day. a. article b. information c. news d. reporting
  8. > a 48. We were made all the cleaning in the house. a. to do b. do c. doing d. done a 49. I’ve only had time to read the in the morning’s paper. a. columns b. headings c. headlines d. sections > c 50. , a brick fell on his head. a. Turning the corner b. Having turned the corner c. When he turned the corner d. Being turned the corner c TEST 2 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. wear b. ear c. hear d. nearly > a 2. a. earn b. third c. where d. dirty > c 3. a. purple b. thirst c. journey d. there > d 4. a. too b. food c. soon d. good > d 5. a. bed b. get c. decide d. setting > c 6. a. dread b. bread c. bead d. head > c 7. a. boat b. road c. broad d. coat > c II. Find the mistakes: 8. When Guilliver woke up he found himself in a country what very small people lived. a. woke up b. found c. what d. lived > c
  9. 9. It is believed that the wanted man was living in London. a. is believed b. wanted c. was living d. in c 10. The letter was typed clear and careful, but without any address or signature. a. was typed b. clear and careful c. without d. any > b III. Grammar and Vocabulary 11. We to shop off in Singapore but the airplane changed the arrangements at the last minute. a. was going b. had c. were going d. ought > c 12. A main clause is sometimes called a clause. a. principle b. principal c. principality d. principles b 13. I wish I more about the logistics of the expedition. a. would know b. knew c. know d. can know >b 14. " children like ice-cream." "That's quite natural." a. Most of b. Most c. The most d. The most of b 15. I felt as if I a confidence. a. have betrayed b. would betray c. had betrayed d. am betraying >c
  10. 16. Nearly all of the reporters the press conference had questions a. attend / asked b. attended / to ask c. attending / to ask d. would attend / to be asked c 17. The burglar was sentenced to 20 years in a. dock b. goal c. jail d. trial > c 18. They have been married for ten years but they have no children. They're a couple. a. childlike b. childish c. childly d. childless d 19. He’s a and so he always votes for the Labor Party. a. conservative b. liberal c. socialist d. socialism > c 20. The girl me this gift is my best friend. a. presented b. was presenting c. presenting d. be presenting c 21. We regret you that you have exceeded your overdraft facility. a. to inform b. informing c. to tell to d. telling > a 22. The snake was about to bite the farmer while he the bridge. a. was crossing b. is crossing c. crossed d. were crossing a 23. Why don’t you try the key anti-clockwise? a. to turn
  11. b. on turning c. turning d. turn > c 24. They no play tennis together every afternoon. a. also b. still c. well d. longer d 25. The company’s apology regarded as an exercise in damage limitation. a. were b. was c. would d. had > b 26. The kettle has been boiling a quarter of an hour. a. since b. for c. in d. at b 27. We don’t allow in the classrooms. a. that students smoke b. smoke c. students to smoke d. to smoking >c 28. a pretty little Siamese cat! a. How b. What c. What very d. How very b 29. I really must on with my work now. a. to get b. getting c. get d. to getting >c 30. It is impossible for them to enter the country a. on present b. in time c. at present d. on time
  12. c 31. Either Pike or his sister . the keys to the car. a. has taken b. have taken c. has took d. have took >a 32. I don't like pop music. My sister doesn't like it a. neither b. either c. too d. so b 33. My brother is much taller than I a. do b. did c. am d. was c 34. Police had to break the meeting a. out b. in c. off d. up d 35. The accused denied in the vicinity of the murder scene. a. to have ever been b. have ever been c. having been ever d. ever having been >d 36. People think that the sun went round the earth. a. were used to b. used to c. got used to d. are used to b 37. Why don’t you do what you’re told, instead of such a song and dance about it? a. to make b. making c. made d. make >b 38. Einstein gradually became in the discussion. a. absorb
  13. b. absorbed c. to absorb d. absorbing b 39. The children to stay up late. a. don’t allow b. aren’t let c. aren’t allowed d. would rather >c 40. We shall have to stop soon because the car is almost petrol. a. out off b. not having c. lacking d. out of d 41. I rashly posted the parcel without it. a. weighing b. weigh c. weighed d. to weigh >a 42. "My friend was going to call me as soon as he arrived this morning, but he didn't call." "He the train." a. had to miss b. should have missed c. would have missed d. must have missed d 43. He wasn’t responsible. He wasn’t a. blame b. to blame c. blaming d. for blame >b 44. She went to a seaside resort because she was on water-skiing. a. keen b. enthusiastic c. interested d. like a 45. What a dangerous thing to do! You have been killed. a. may b. can c. must d. might
  14. >d 46. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its a. borders b. limitations c. frontiers d. limits b 47. For the rest of his life he lived in fear of tracked down. a. having b. be c. being d. been >a 48. Can you please me a little about yourself? a. to tell b. telling c. tell d. going to tell c 49. All that rubbish will have to be at once. a. get rid of b. got rid of c. got rid d. getting rid of >b 50. I see that you did well in your "A" levels. Why to university when you left school? a. didn't you go b. haven't you gone c. aren't you going d. don't you go a TEST 3 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. angry b. danger c. strange d. range a 2. a. about b. shout c. tough d. houting c 3. a. pleasant b. reason c. creature d. feature a 4. a. word b. sword c. burn d. world b 5. a. main b. gain c. dairy d. laid c 6. a. guilty b. busy c. bury d. build
  15. c 7. a. suit b. pool c. blue d. threw a II. Find the mistake 8. The blind is unable to see anything. a. is b. unable c. to see d. anything a 9. "How far Vietnamese do you know?” asked my friend. a. How far b. do c. know d. asked > a 10. I will come back as quickly as possible. a. will come b. back c. quickly d. possible c III. Grammar and vocabulary: 11. The family gathered together to the holiday meal. a. swallow b. share c. divide d. receive >b 12. I see you were a junior clerk in Trade Wind and Import Company, you type? a. can b. were c. have d. are a 13. I had to work hard to the other students. a. keep away from b. keep up with c. keep in touch with d. put up with >b 14. Oh, my speed is 50 words minute. a. the
  16. b. some c. each d. a d 15. By the time I applied, all the holiday vouchers used up. a. had been b. have been c. was d. are >a 16. Can you work on Saturday we need you? a. if b. but c. and d. because a 17. bread is regarded by some as a therapeutic activity. a. To make b. Made c. Making d. Having made >c 18. She has money that she can buy everything she wants. a. such b. so c. so much d. so many c 19. It’s time they promotion, in my view. a. get b. got c. will get d. have got >b 20. Galileo was for his study of how things fall. a. famous b. notorious c. generous d. industrious a 21. The candidate to have withdrawn her application. a. claimed b. said c. denied d. reported >a
  17. 22. People used to think that heavy things always faster than light things. a. fall b. collapsed c. destroyed d. fell d 23. There’s nothing I like more than for a brisk walk along the sea-shore. a. go b. out c. walking d. going >d 24. He a wallet on a lonely street in Montreal last Monday. a. sees b. has seen c. saw d. is seeing c 25. How can you waste all that money on ? a. gamble b. to gamble c. gambling d. the gamble >c 26. The idea for a computer was worked out over two centuries ago by a man Charles Babbage. a. known b. recognized c. written d. called d 27. The flat of three rooms, with a kitchen and a bathroom. a. composes b. contains c. includes d. consists >d 28. Over the years, people have argued his machines would ever work. a. until b. whether c. while d. though b 29. It was the largest experiment we have ever performed. It six hours.
  18. a. ended b. finished c. was d. lasted >d 30. being no exercises to do, these children are allowed to go home. a. It b. There c. He d. Here b 31. There are many difficulties to be with when they start to carry out a new plan. a. dealt b. removed c. attacked d. overcome >a 32. My number isn't in the directory people don't ring me up. a. because b. but c. and d. so d 33. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister charge of the house. a. hold b. make c. get d. take >d 34. The pipe in the sink is stopped up. Water is a. overfilming b. overfilling c. overdueing d. overflowing d 35. I’m sorry I am late. I never the taxi to take so long to get here. a. thought b. planned c. expected d. waited for >c 36. When I applied for my passport to be renewed. I had to send a photograph. a. fresh
  19. b. fashionable c. late d. recent d 37. Trains stop here in order to passengers only. a. get off b. pick up c. pull up d. pull in >b 38. In swimming, the athlete of Russia a new world record. a. fixed up b. won c. set up d. built c 39. Mr. Brown is looking for his glasses. He thinks he them behind in the office yesterday. a. forgot b. left c. put d. took >b 40. The film was on the book of the same name. a. founded b. built c. constructed d. based d 41. We intend to with the old system as soon as we have developed a better one. a. do up b. do away c. do down d. do in > b 42. A shop - is someone who steals from shops and stores. a. taker b. thief c. lifter d. picker c 43. they decided not to go to Australia for their holidays but went to American instead. a. At the end b. In the end
  20. c. In the least d. At least >b 44. Choose a correct reply of the following expression: " What's up?" - " " a. Thank you. b. I don't mind. You choose. c. Never mind. It doesn't matter. d. I don't feel very well. d 45. If you don’t smoking, you’ll never get better. a. give off b. give out c. give from d. give up >d 46. Choose a correct reply of the following expression: " Do you want this one or that one?" - " " a. I'll say it again for you. b. I don't mind. You choose. c. Never mind. It doesn't matter. d. Yes? Can I help you? b 47. The baby is crying. Will you while I prepare his milk? a. tear him up b. look after him c. care him d. make him up >b 48. Choose a correct reply of the following expression: "It's up to you." - " " a. I'll say it again for you. b. I don't mind. You choose. c. Oh, no. I hate decisions. d. What, again? c 49. When she heard from the hospital that her grandfather had died, she into tears. a. broke b. went c. exploded d. felt >a 50. My brother is living in Canada. He is 2 years than me. a. old / older b. elder / elder
  21. c. elder / older d. old / elder c TEST 4 I. Pronunciation 1. a. many b. guess c. pleasant d. leading d 2. a. thirst b. heard c. heart d. word c 3. a. choose b. bought c. board d. normal a 4. a. butter b. gum c. butcher d. summer c 5. a. flour b. pour c. four d. court a 6. a. lain b. gain c. Thai d. laid c 7. a. replace b. preface c. surface d. palace > a II. Find the mistake: 8. A large number of students in this school speaks French fairly fluently. a. A large number of b. students c. speaks d. fairly fluently > c 9. - Jim: Did she use to be your next-door neighbor? - Jack: Yes, but I never did liked her. a. Did b. use to be c. never d. liked > d 10. All the youth must contribute to building of the country. a. All b. must contribute c. to d. building of > d III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. Harvard University, which in 1639, is one of the oldest universities in the United States of America. a. found
  22. b. founded c. was found d. was founded > d 12. I am fortunate. You gave me help. a. so b. such c. so much d. so many c 13. I remember but he said I did not. a. to buy him a book b. buying him a book c. buy him a book d. to have bought him a book >b 14. It is very pleasant to travel by steamer down the Thames Westminster to Tower Bridge. a. in b. up c. from d. at c 15. Nam Cao devoted most of his time a. to having written b. to write c. to writing d. to have written >c 16. I think they have had quite a great number of animals I was there last. a. for b. since c. when d. while b 17. Although now to Africa and South America, yellow fever is still deadly. a. limited b. limit c. limiting d. is limited >a 18. I love desserts. I have a real sweet a. foot b. tooth
  23. c. elbow d. hand b 19. Largely through the work of the World Health Organization, most developed countries have brought malaria control. a. in b. below c. to d. under >d 20. There's Irene! I don't think she sees us. See if you can catch her a. spleen b. liver c. eye d. head c 21. “My watch is broken.” “Why don’t you ” a. have it repair b. have it repairing c. have it for repair d. have it repaired >d 22. Last night, I went to the movies and saw the most beautiful love story. I guess I have a for romantic movies. a. sickness b. illness c. weakness d. feebleness c 23. The husband for Hong Kong as soon as he . about her wife’s accident. a. had left / was informed b. has left / was informed c. leaves / has been informed d. left / had been informed > d 24. How are you going to eat all that? I think your eyes are bigger than your a. head b. hand c. ears d. stomach d 25. “Have you read his new books?” “Yes, it’s interesting than his first four books.” a. the most
  24. b. very much c. much more d. the more >c 26. I really had to some strings to get reservations at this restaurant. a. push b. pull c. throw d. get b 27. “Why did you move?” “All sudden, I realized I was in a dangerous position.” a. in b. of c. at d. by >b 28. Where's Peter? He vanished into air! a. thin b. fat c. obese d. slender a 29. They have eaten until now. a. as many as fish b. as many as ten fish c. as many as ten fishes d. many as ten fish > b 30. Nam asleep this morning because he up late last night. a. falls / had stayed b. fell / had been stayed c. fell / had stayed d. had fallen / had stayed c 31. “I’ll come to give you the package at eight.” “That will be too late because we by that hour.” a. have gone b. will have gone c. will go d. went > b 32. My father him his suitcase to the airport tomorrow. a. will ask / to carry b. will ask / carry
  25. c. asks / to carry d. asks / carrying a 33. A man has been sitting near the gate for an hour. a. suspicion-looking b. suspicious-looking c. suspect-looking d. suspiciously-looking > b 34. Mary always feels very when she has to make a speech. a. nerve b. nervous c. nervously d. nervousness b 35. Air the carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis enters leaves through tiny surface openings. a. contains b. contained c. containing d. it contains c 36. I often my shirts by my younger sister. a. am having / made b. have / make c. have had / made d. have / made d 37. “What’s your proposal?” “I propose that the meeting ” a. is postponing b. be postponed c. to be postponed d. postpones >b 38. Before she here yesterday, her mother her the streets against the red lights. a. came / had advised / to cross b. comes / had advised / not to cross c. came / had advised / not to cross d. came / has advised / not to cross c 39. “What do you think of his presence here?” “The longer he stays, I dislike him.” a. the most
  26. b. the very more c. much more d. the more > d 40. Daisy assisted me with an survey. a. amazingly b. amazed c. amazement d. amazing d 41. “Are you leaving?” “Yes, but I wish I to go.” a. didn’t have b. will not have c. don’t have d. may not have >a 42. The Browns a new house on that corner next year. a. shall not have / built b. will not have / built c. will not have / build d. will not have / to build b 43. Yesterday we did nothing but a. talking b. talked c. talk d. had talked >c 44. Sorry. I can't understand your a. explanation b. explain c. explainer d. explanatory a 45. You mustn’t these difficult exercises; do them all. a. leave off b. leave behind c. leave for d. leave out >d 46. Nam saw some new in the laboratory. a. equipment b. equipments c. equipage d. equip
  27. a 47. I wish a. you knew but you don’t b. you know but you don’t c. you knew but you didn’t d. you know but you didn’t >a 48. All the courses in June will finish in December. a. began b. begins c. will begin d. begin d 49. next Sunday. a. I would rather you have come b. I should rather you have come c. I would rather you came d. I should rather you came >c 50. Mr. Nam is our French teacher. He French since he Ho Chi Minh city in 1990. a. has been taught / left b. has taught / left c. has taught / has left d. had taught / left b TEST 5 I. Pronunciation 1. a. cure b. picture c. lecture d. furniture a 2. a. plow b. how c. cow d. row d 3. a. enough b. cough c. although d. rough c 4. a. son b. only c. lone d. bone a 5. a. rate b. late c. private d. date c 6. a. chair b. cheap c. chemist d. child c 7. a. look b. book c. soon d. good c II. Find the mistake: 8. We can prevent flood by preservation the forests.
  28. a. can prevent b. by c. preservation d. the forests > c 9. Does the grass need be cut? a. Does b. the c. need d. be cut > d 10. Jane said she is 18 years the following week. a. said b. is c. years d. the > b III. Grammar and Vocabulary 11. Tom has made a bad mistake at work, but his boss doesn’t fire him. He’s lucky a second chance. a. having given b. having been given c. to have given d. to have been given >d 12. This picture long before he went to university. a. had been taken b. had taken c. has been taken d. has taken a 13. Dr. Wilson is a brilliant and dedicated scientist who had expected to be selected as the director of the institute. He was very upset not the position. a. having offered b. having been offered c. to have offered d. to have been offered >d 14. If you are a , you have to work hard. a. scientist b. science c. scientific d. scientism a
  29. 15. By the time their babies arrive, the Johnsons hope painting and decorating the new nursery. a. having finished b. having been finished c. to have finished d. to have been finished >c 16. Nam with his parents at the moment though he his own flat. a. is staying / had b. is staying / has had c. is staying / has d. was staying / has c 17. We would like to the president’s reception, but we weren’t. a. having invited b. having been invited c. to have invited d. to have been invited >d 18. If you what Nam is doing, you very surprised. a. had known / would be b. knew / would be c. knew / would have been d. knew / will be b 19. George mentioned in an accident as a child, but he never told us the details. a. having injured b. having been injured c. to have injured d. to have been injured >b 20. Her was so great that she couldn't drive her car. a. anxiety b. anxious c. anxiously d. anxiousty a 21. The Smiths wanted to give their son every advantage. However, they now regret him by providing too many material possessions. a. having spoiled b. having been spoiled c. to have spoiled d. to have been spoiled > a
  30. 22. Instead of a new car, she'll have her old one a. to buy / repaired b. buying / to repair c. buying / be repaired d. buying / repaired d 23. The spy admitted some highly secret information to enemy agents. a. having given b. having been given c. to have given d. to have been given >a 24. I very happy if there a good film on channel 9 last night. a. would be / had been b. would have been / would be c. would have been / had been d. had been / had been c 25. My friend’s main for going abroad was his poor health. a. need b. reason c. cause d. desire >b 26. She received a lot of from her friends. a. encourage b. encouragement c. encouragements d. encouraging b 27. The examiner will test your to drive under normal conditions. a. ability b. advantage c. wisdom d. virtue >a 28. It's the most story I've ever read. a. boring b. bore c. bored d. boringly a 29. Over the past two years the of living has risen considerably. a. rate
  31. b. charge c. cost d. price >c 30. It was a record that no one before. a. has ever set b. had ever set c. has ever been set d. had ever been set b 31. It’s so long since I saw him that I almost failed to him. a. receive b. accept c. recognize d. approve >c 32. He promised to come but he's very a. unreliable b. reliable c. reliably d. unreliably a 33. The police must now the escaped convict in the surrounding countries. a. search b. look after c. look for d. be in search of >d 34. He isn't honest. He always gives advice. a. useless b. use c. useful d. usefulness a 35. Newspapers should try to printing statements that they cannot check. a. refuse b. neglect c. deny d. avoid >d 36. She hopes she'll soon find a to the problem. a. solution b. solve c. solutionist
  32. d. solvation a 37. In the 1960s, pop art to discover artistic significance in the commercial artifacts of the consumer culture. a. seeking b. to seek c. has sought d. sought d 38. The four-storey house on that hill is still new. a. be built b. building c. built d. being building c 39. Overexposure to the sun can produce . some toxic chemicals. a. more than damage to the skin b. more damage than to the skin c. damage more than to the skin d. more damage to the skin than > d 40. In the old days, many poor and people had to live and work in the workhouses. a. home b. homely c. homeless d. homelike c 41. “Did you enjoy the show last night?” “Yes, but I wish I a cold.” a. hadn’t b. didn’t have c. hadn’t had d. wouldn’t have >c 42. Several nations are supplying countries with new technology. a. developed / developing b. developing / developed c. developed / develop d. developing / development a 43. It’s high time you to study seriously. a. begin b. began c. did begin d. would begin
  33. >b 44. I the book you lent me for a week, but I it yet. a. have been reading / has not finished b. had been reading / have not finished c. have read / have not finished d. have been reading / have not finished d 45. I wish you longer. a. will stay b. can stay c. could stay d. stay > c 46. Each athlete has to take part in the Olympic Games in the true spirit of a. sportsman b. sportsmanlike c. sportsmanship d. sports c 47. “Why didn’t you invite me to go to the dance?” “Sorry, I wish I you to go with us.” a. could invite b. invited c. have invited d. had invited > d 48. How many cigarettes you today? a. have / been smoked b. have / been smoking c. had / smoked d. have / smoked d 49. “Do you like your new job?” “Yes, but my employer insists that I on time.” a. was b. am c. be d. have been > c 50. She often uses her goods as as she can. a. economic b. economically c. economical d. economicly
  34. b TEST 6 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. town b. slow c. smoke d. post > a 2. a. month b. boss c. shop d. got > a 3. a. size b. grey c. life d. eye > b 4. a. buy b. tired c. rich d. kind > c 5. a. damage b. luggage c. manage d. teenage d 6. rough b. sum c. utter d. union d 7. noon b. tool c. blood d. spoon c II. Find the mistake: 8. Are you saying you would ever see her again? a. Are b. saying c. would ever see d. again > c 9. Each of you have a share in the work. a. Each of b. have c. a share d. in >b 10. He said that he was doing his homework since 7 o’clock. a. said b. was doing c. his d. since > b III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. , I’m sure he would have eaten it. a. Had he been hungry b. Unless he had been hungry c. However he had been hungry d. As if he had been hungry >a
  35. 12. It was the first time that Mai flew to London. So she found the trip very a. excite b. exciting c. excited d. excitement b 13. Is this the right place to catch the bus to the shopping center? Yes just be sure the number fourteen. a. to take b. taking c. take d. takes > a 14. While Mary television last night, a man she the previous day suddenly on the screen. a. was watching / has met / appeared b. was watching / had met / had appeared c. was watching / had met / appeared d. were watching / had met / appeared c 15. All of us found the film very a. amuse b. amusing c. amused d. amusable >b 16. They took great in the success of their son. a. pride b. proud c. proudly d. pridely a 17. It was a long time I lived here. a. that b. ago that c. since d. ago >b 18. Her to learn maths is amazing. a. possibility b. ability c. able d. possible b
  36. 19. Electricity and gas supplies have been seriously by the floods. a. alerted b. disrupted c. destroyed d. erupted > b 20. The old fishing village is very a. picture b. picturesquely c. picturesque d. picturedrome c 21. They will have finished the job this time tomorrow. a. till b. by c. until d. as long as >b 22. I want to become a space-ship pilot, so that I able to travel faster than sound. a. will been b. would have been c. would be d. will be d 23. Please find a (an) copy of the letter I received from the college. a. included b. contained c. enclosed d. covered >c 24. She's alive! She but that handsome young man dived and saved her, just in time. a. is drowning b. had been drowning c. being drowning d. was drowning d 25. There were six million visitors in all. That was the a. all b. result c. whole d. total > d 26. The light out as they their lesson. a. went / studied
  37. b. was going / were studying c. went / were studying d. was going / studied c 27. It is very of you. a. familiar b. considerate c. popular d. attractive > b 28. Columbus gazed at the land that he so far to seek. a. had come b. had been coming c. has come d. has been coming a 29. I tried the bus, but I missed it. a. catching b. to catch c. catch d. catch up >b 30. Women only began to gain with men in the 20th century. a. equalization b. equal c. equality d. equally c 31. These figures show a in the number of unemployed people in England and Wales. a. loss b. lessening c. reduction d. lowering > c 32. They went out into the streets. Fierce fighting place all around them, but now all was quiet again. a. was taken b. had been taking c. had taken d. had been taken c 33. The Federal Reserve System, . under President Wilson, plays a key role in regulating the U.S. economy. a. the establishment in 1913 b. was established in 1913
  38. c. established in 1913 d. in 1913 they established it c 34. Sally nearly two thousand pounds until now. a. has been saving b. has saved c. had saved d. had been saving b 35. People demand higher wages because prices are all the time. a. rising b. progressing c. growing d. exceeding >a 36. Hoa was extremely about the history of China. a. knowledge b. knowledgeability c. knowledgeable d. knowledgeably c 37. He spent all his money through a. thrifty b. shame c. husbandry d. extravagance > d 38. My cousin was treated by her stepmother. a. cruel b. cruelty c. cruet d. cruelly d 39. It’s time you your way of living. a. meditated b. surrendered c. reflected d. amended > d 40. Where is the to this supermarket? a. enter b. entrance c. entrant d. entering b
  39. 41. My headache isn’t serious. It will wear off after an hour or so. a. reduce b. disappear gradually c. permit to be alone d. produce > b 42. The number of students coming to school increased last year. a. shot up b. shot in c. shot on d. shot off a 43. Some people find it surprising his career as an actor in California. a. when Ronald Reagan began b. Ronald Reagan began c. that Ronald Reagan began d. to know Ronald Reagan > c 44. We can't reduce the number of nurses. a. cut back on b. cut off on c. cut out on d. cut out a 45. Put on your coat just . it becomes cold. a. in fact b. in time c. in order d. in case > d 46. They are going to sack a number of administrative staff as a result of a massive reorganization program. a. lay up b. lay out c. lay off d. lay down c 47. Antarctica is larger , but it has no native human population. a. than Europe or Australia does b. Europe or Australia c. of Europe or Australia d. than Europe or Australia d 48. His trainer pulled him out of the competition at the last minute because of problems with his leg. a. withdrew
  40. b. withheld c. withstood d. withstand a 49. At 3,810 metres above sea level in Bolivia stands Lake Titicaca, in the world. a. the highest large lake b. the largest high lake c. high largest lake d. the high largest lake > a 50. You shouldn't avoid this problem. You must deal with it. a. get about b. get in c. get away d. get around d TEST 7 I. Pronunciation: 1. chemist b. chicken c. church d. century a 2. a. thought b. tough c. taught d. bought b 3. a. pleasure b. heat c. meat d. feed a 4. a. chalk b. ship c. machine d. champagne a 5. a. knit b. hide c. tide d. fly a 6. a. put b. could c. push d. moon d 7. a. how b. town c. power d. slow d II. Find the mistake: 8. What had you been doing during the last few weeks? a. had b. been doing c. during d. the last > a 9. - Mary: How many times have you seen them so far? - Jim: A few time. a. How many b. have you seen
  41. c. so far d. time > d 10. - S1: Had your brother enjoyed the party last night? - S2: I think so. He always enjoys your parties. a. Had your brother enjoyed b. think c. always d. enjoys > a III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. If you see Tom, you mind him to get in touch with me? a. will / reminding b. will / to remind c. would / reminding d. would / to remind > c 12. Frenlink Inc has not taken control of Carrods Ltd. a. taken over b. taken into c. taken on d. taken off a 13. Your explanation reasonable. a. is not sound b. does not sound c. is not sounded d. is not sounding > b 14. If business doesn't get better, we will need a loan from the bank. a. pick at b. pick up c. pick out d. pick off b 15. Walt Whitman, in New York in 1819, was one of American’s unusual literary figures and individualists. a. was born b. born c. bearing d. to be born b 16. I'm sorry I haven't got any money you. Why don't you try Peter? a. to lend / to ask b. lending / asking
  42. c. to lend / asking d. lending / to ask c 17. They quarreled the choice of a house. a. on b. over c. for d. to >b 18. They spent all day and on the beach. a. to swim / sunbathing b. to swim / to sunbathe c. swimming / to sunbathe d. swimming / sunbathing d 19. He left for Ho Chi Minh city last week. He doesn’t work here . a. already b. yet c. still d. anymore >d 20. He was in a state of waiting for his exam results. a. agony b. anxiety c. sickness d. sadness b 21. I thought you said she was going away this summer, ? a. didn’t I b. didn’t you c. wasn’t she d. wasn’t it >b 22. He takes pleasure in his little sister. a. tease b. teases c. to tease d. teasing d 23. Whole-grain food products in most large supermarkets across the United States and Canada. a. now can purchase b. can now be purchased c. now to purchase d. the purchase of which b
  43. 24. It is used making desks and tables. a. to b. in c. for d. into c 25. He's suffered poor health all his life and that has made him irritable. a. from b. about c. with d. in a 26. “Let’s go to the new movie downtown.” “Thanks, but I it already.” a. have seen b. was seeing c. had seen d. had see >a 27. What to see you at the stadium! a. the surprise b. surprise c. a surprise d. surprising >c 28. That man, family is very poor, is standing in front of the hotel to ask for money. a. who b. whom c. whose d. which c 29. Lan learns better than student. a. any b. any others c. any another d. any other >d 30. You came in without knocking and me jump. You really startled me! a. making b. to make c. made d. being make c
  44. 31. War stole his youth and his home. Everything in his life changed a. as a result b. moreover c. by no means d. therefore >d 32. You can't communicate with her at the moment. She's in a real a. situation b. state c. position d. condition b 33. Anyone who his work cannot go. a. finished not b. not finish c. has not finished d. will not finish >c 34. She works at a big hospital. She's a. nurse b. a nurse c. the nurse d. an nurse b 35. Under no circumstances, or exchanged. a. goods will be returned b. goods should be returned c. can goods be returned d. are goods being returned >c 36. Thank you for waking me up. I was a nightmare! a. doing b. making c. seeing d. having d 37. “How will you be able to get to Rome in time for the meeting?” “I’ll fly, will only take 50 minutes.” a. and such b. that c. and therefore d. which >d 38. What time on TV? a. is the news b. are the news
  45. c. is news d. are news a 39. A dividend is the only benefit a corporation can offer its shareholders. a. no b. nor c. none d. not d 40. My advice is: don't panic; stay a. calm b. tranquil c. peaceful d. quiet a 41. “I failed the test.” “Frankly, it’s surprise to me.” a. none b. no c. any d. not >b 42. Rice is a which is exported to other countries. a. consequence b. commodity c. pension d. category b 43. They will put up a new bridge next year. a. erect b. construct c. build d. all are correct d 44. She wasn't properly dressed for the party and felt her appearance. a. ashamed for b. shy of c. embarrassed about d. ashamed of c 45. Though you have been advised to talk less, you need not your opinion when asked. a. should reserve b. reserving c. to reserve d. reserve
  46. > d 46. She always feels if she hears footsteps behind her in a dark and empty street. a. shy b. timid c. fearful d. sad c 47. It is high time we got going, ? a. is not it b. didn’t it c. aren’t we d. isn’t it > d 48. She works six hours day. a. in b. for c. a d. the c 49. We met Keith last night. He was very cheerful, always. a. as b. like c. alike d. likely a 50. Could I have a of matches, please? a. packet b. tin c. can d. box d TEST 8 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. talked b. naked c. asked d. liked b 2. a. feat b. great c. seat d. beat b 3. a. cost b. post c. roast d. toast a 4. a. bear b. beer c. dear d. fear a 5. a. laugh b. plough c. enough d. cough b 6. a. Valentine b. imagine c. discipline d. magazine
  47. a 7. a. pen b. deny c. centre d. mend > b II. Find the mistake: 8. I have been waiting for my brother. I wonder if he had lost his way. a. have been waiting b. for c. wonder d. had lost >d 9. The doctors know that it will be difficult to save the life of this patient, but they did their best. a. know b. will be c. to save d. did > d 10. He said that everything will be all right. a. said b. everything c. will be d. all right >c III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. Jim passed his driving test, . surprised everybody. a. this b. that c. which d. what c 12. And I'd like a of cigarettes, too. a. box b. packet c. jar d. case b 13. I was this morning. a. Because of the rain, / an hour late b. Because of the rain, / late an hour c. Raining / late for an hour d. Because of raining, / an hour late >a 14. How much is this of soap? a. bar
  48. b. bag c. box d. loaf a 15. No sooner had we started the rain came. a. than b. when c. that d. then > a 16. Do you have any toothpaste? I'd like a large a. tin b. bar c. roll d. tube d 17. , she usually spends her time about her old times. a. Like most elderly people/ at talking b. Like most of the elderly people/ to talk c. Like most of the elderly people/ is talking d. Like most elderly people/ talking >d 18. She is not interested anything that happened the very remote part. a. about / in b. in / at c. about / at d. in / in d 19. The hotel room was furnished with only a bed, a wardrobe and an ancient armchair. a. thinly b. sparsely c. lightly d. sketchily >b 20. Oh, and could I have a of biscuits? a. case b. packet c. bottle d. piece b 21. The main disadvantage to our house is that the only to the garden is through a bedroom. a. passage b. doorway
  49. c. access d. communication >c 22. I unless you invite me. a. shall come b. shan't come c. don't come d. come b 23. I’ve had my car examined three times now but no mechanic has been able to the problem. a. pinpoint b. focus c. specify d. highlight >a 24. There are several unexplained mysteries. a. unclear b. vague c. tricky d. unsolved d 25. Don’t thank me for helping in the garden. It was pleasure to be working out of doors. a. plain b. mere c. single d. sheer >d 26. The police are searching for a stranger dressed in white clothes. a. interviewing b. pulling in c. arresting d. looking for d 27. The police decided to the department store after they had received a bomb warning. a. abandon b. evacuate c. evict d. expel >b 28. After asleep, I saw a strange person at the foot of the bed. a. fall b. falling c. fell
  50. d. fallen b 29. He will his hand to a task tomorrow. a. cut b. take c. break d. set > d 30. The sight of the ghost in the corridor was amazing. a. frightening b. beautiful c. surprising d. foolish c 31. There is only Hoa in the classroom . some exercises. a. does b. to do c. is doing d. doing > d 32. accepting your job offer, I’d like to know a bit more about the company. a. In advance b. In order c. Until d. Before > d 33. His name was Samuel Clemens. Mark Twain was his a. first name b. surname c. full name d. pen-name d 34. The police appeared and . the crowd. a. disrupted b. disturbed c. distracted d. dispersed d 35. It . me about one hour to drive to my countryside. a. brings b. collects c. takes d. gets > c 36. My sister was a very woman; one day she would be happy, the next miserable.
  51. a. uncontrollable b. uneven c. temperamental d. dispirited c 37. Why doesn’t he feel ashamed when living at his wife’s ? a. charge b. price c. amount d. expense > d 38. She hasn't had much success finding a job. a. on b. about c. in d. for c 39. I don’t feel well but I don’t know what’s the matter me. a. of b. for c. to d. with >d 40. After all this time, John should take the bull by the horns and ask Mary him. a. to marry b. marry c. marrying d. married a 41. Some people think it is bad luck to break a. a window b. a mirror c. a glass d. a chopstick > b 42. This is the horse has competed four times. a. that b. who c. whom d. whose a 43. Ms. is the title used before the last name of a. only married women b. only unmarried women c. married and unmarried women
  52. d. all are correct > c 44. The music aroused an feeling of homesickness in me. a. intense b. intentional c. intensive d. intended a 45. The most popular pet in the United States is the a. chicken b. rabbit c. dog d. cat >c 46. What are the main of measles? a. traces b. symptoms c. emblems d. tokens b 47. The weekend is a. Saturday and Sunday b. Sunday c. Saturday d. Friday > a 48. She can't work because she has a in her head. a. agony b. pain c. suffering d. hurt b 49. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy were created by a. Mary Poppins b. Mother Goose c. Walt Disney d. All are wrong >c 50. The buses, most of were already full, started at 6 a.m. a. whom b. which c. that d. who b
  53. TEST 9 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. chorus b. cherish c. chaos d. scholar b 2. a. three b. thanks c. think d. father d 3. a. measure b. pleasure c. treasure d. ensure d 4. a. absent b. present c. descent d. sing b 5. a. pudding b. put c. puncture d. pull c 6. a. why b. myth c. type d. psychology b 7. a. cure b. tube c. amuse d. pull d II. Find the mistake: 8. They said that the custom has dated back to the feudal period. a. said b. has dated c. back d. feudal > b 9. He had been teaching since twenty-five years before he retired last year. a. had been teaching b. since c. before d. retired > b 10. In a few hours, we have finished the test, and we’ll go home and rest. a. a few b. have finished c. the test d. rest b III. Grammar and vocabulary: 11. The president of the United States is elected for a. two years b. four years c. six years d. five years > b 12. The old man lives next door has just died.
  54. a. which b. whom c. whose d. who d 13. What is the capital of the United States? a. Washington b. Mississippi river c. Washington DC d. New York > c 14. Her husband disapproves of her to work. a. go b. to go c. going d. went c 15. The president of the United States lives in the a. Green House b. Gold House c. White House d. House’s Parliament >c 16. That country was brought to disaster. a. closer b. more closely c. more closedly d. closelier a 17. Neil Armstrong was the first American to a. visit Alaska b. land on the moon c. discover gold in California d. all are correct >b 18. They to everybody that they were getting married. a. talked b. spoke c. announced d. told c 19. The American flag has a. a sun, a moon and stars b. a maple leaf c. stars and stripes d. both a and b are correct
  55. >c 20. They said, " while the iron is hot". a. Strike b. Beat c. Hit d. Pound a 21. Please my luggage to the airport tomorrow morning. a. ask / will be taken b. get / being taken c. let / to be taken d. have / taken > d 22. He receives 500-dollar every month. a. allow b. allowance c. allowable d. allowably b 23. Never her at the first time. a. I will forget to meet b. will I forget to meet c. will I forget meeting d. will I be forgotten meeting > c 24. He in drug across the border when the police caught him last Sunday. a. was trafficked b. was trafficking c. had been trafficking d. trafficked b 25. The decision was postponed, was exactly what he wanted. a. that b. which c. who d. none is correct > b 26. This book is rather too long at one setting. a. being read b. to read c. to be read d. read c 27. It is imperative that he the school regulations. a. obey b. obeys
  56. c. would obey d. will obey >a 28. He used to rise dawn until he was old. a. on b. in c. at d. into c 29. Had I known she was sick, I her. a. visited b. would visit c. had visited d. would have visited >d 30. Without transportation, our modern society could not a. stay b. remain c. exist d. live c 31. The year 1732 saw the first appearance of Poor Richard’s Almanac, Benjamin Franklin created the character of Poor Richard. a. there b. in which c. in it d. which in b 32. They don't buy butter, do they buy cheese. a. or b. nor c. neither d. either b 33. You will feel better after you a rest. a. will have b. are having c. will have had d. have had > d 34. It's not wise as to say so. a. so b. too c. quite d. very a
  57. 35. Theatrical and artificial blood had been used to make the injuries look realistic. a. get-together b. make-up c. look-out d. go-between >b 36. . all citrus fruit originated with the Chinese orange. a. That the belief b. The belief that c. To believe that d. It is believed that d 37. He feels that his rise in is well worth the loss of money. a. situation b. environment c. status d. circumstance > c 38. She's doing into the spread of AIDS. a. an examination b. a poll c. research d. a survey c 39. They were amazed to find that the goddess to be a very modern- looking woman. a. turned into b. turn down c. turned over d. turned out > d 40. He looked he had seen a ghost. a. as b. like as c. as if d. if c 41. There’s no need to be frightened of the dog. He’s quite a. happy b. eager c. weak d. harmless d 42. The mother will be happy if her children are healthy and well- a. balanced
  58. b. formed c. thought d. meant a 43. His has always been to become an architect. a. study b. want c. ambition d. imagination >c 44. She often takes a . before going to bed. a. creep b. crawl c. stride d. stroll d 45. Susan’s face has rather a sad a. look b. aspect c. visage d. light > a 46. The of his paintings will be open next week. a. demonstration b. spectacle c. exhibition d. show c 47. I some unusual educational beliefs. a. keep b. carry c. hold d. take > c 48. The reviews make us pay attention to the film. a. favorite b. favorable c. preferable d. preferred b 49. from anything else, his younger sister is always late for school. a. Not only b. As well c. Except d. Apart > d
  59. 50. She has had a of disasters. a. success b. continuation c. repetition d. succession d TEST 10 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. corn b. cup c. can d. cede d 2. brother b. breathing c. either d. death d 3. a. here b. bere c. there d. here-in c 4. a. name b. flame c. man d. fame c 5. a. count b. sound c. found d. should d 6. a. last b. fast c. taste d. task c 7. a. caught b. laugh c. draught d. aunt > a II. Find the mistake 8. What will you do when you leave for school? a. will you do b. when c. leave d. for > d 9. The result was quite different with what I expected. a. was b. different c. with d. expected > c 10. What seems easy for you seems difficult to me. a. seems easy b. for c. seems difficult d. to > b III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. I liked the dress but was rather off by the price.
  60. a. shaken b. put c. set d. held >b 12. We wish you old enough to come with us. a. was b. were c. would be d. be b 13. A torrential rainstorm away the best soil. a. gushed b. flowed c. washed d. flooded >c 14. I'm not sure, but I know he will stay at home on holiday. a. according b. on the whole c. as far as d. as long as c 15. I am not run the business by myself. a. capable of b. good at c. able to d. used to >c 16. No member of the family wiser than Mrs. Smith. a. are b. has been c. have been d. is d 17. A ruby temporarily lose its color if it is heated. a. would b. will c. does d. has >b 18. Never that she was so successful. a. she had expected b. did she expected c. had she expected d. she expected
  61. c 19. She was quite as an actress in the 1980s. a. great b. high c. famous d. honorable >c 20. I'm supposed to meet the president of your company tomorrow. What kind of the chap is he? Please fill me in. a. inform me b. inform him c. take me to his office d. tell me the truth a 21. In business, the first is to make a profit. a. object b. cause c. action d. reason >a 22. She wore a ring on her left hand. a. bride’s b. bridal c. wedding d. marriage >c 23. who he was, I asked his name. a. Not to realize b. Without to realize c. Except realizing d. Without realizing d 24. If he knew what made his customers tick, he'd be able to sell them more merchandise. a. made his customers angry b. motivated his customers c. informed his customers d. made his customers happy b 25. drivers usually drive very slowly. a. Learning b. Student c. Learner d. Practice > c 26. "To let something slide" is "To ".
  62. a. push sth over a slippery surface b. cut sth off c. neglect some duty d. permit sth to be put in motion c 27. My sister is looking forward visiting your country very much. a. to b. with c. by d. at > a 28. "To stick around" means "To !". a. remain in one place b. affix stamps to a package c. work unsatisfactorily d. go around a 29. His of the teacher made all of us laugh a lot. a. image b. copy c. mimic d. imitation > c 30. "To have a voice in sth" means "To sth." a. have a say in b. be able to sing c. be able to talk d. have a sore throat a 31. He’s looking forward to my party. a. birthday’s b. birthday c. birthdays’ d. birthdays >b 32. "To go to town" is "To ." a. go downtown b. go shopping c. leave the country for a city d. do sth thoroughly d 33. Paris lies the river Seine. a. over b. on c. next d. at
  63. >b 34. You had agreed to take part in our anti-war march, why did you cop out? a. die b. retreat c. act rashly d. attend b 35. How pale you are! Do you sick? a. feel b. faint c. fall d. become > a 36. Neither a borrower a lender be. a. or b. nor c. none d. no b 37. How long did the of the murderer last? a. process b. trial c. charge d. conviction > b 38. The dog will not howl if you him with a bone. a. will beat b. beats c. would beat d. beat d 39. This program for the masses. a. deals b. caters c. gives d. supplies > b 40. The sun in the East. Look! The sun a. rose / is rising b. rises / was rising c. rises / is rising d. rose / was rising c 41. It to me that his ideas are very excellent. a. thinks b. seems
  64. c. agrees d. looks >b 42. She was so worried that she got nervous a. breakdown b. break-in c. breakout d. breakthrough a 43. Don’t buy the dictionary. I’ll you mine. a. lend b. borrow c. rent d. hire >a 44. Her excellent in the exams made her parents pleased. a. notes b. reports c. marks d. degrees c 45. I kept my money in a brown leather carefully. a. parcel b. package c. purse d. packet > c 46. The police haven't found out the of the explosion. a. source b. cause c. reaction d. reason b 47. What a rough sea! Its are ten meters high. a. waves b. floods c. currents d. fountains > a 48. It was urgent that he her immediately. a. called b. call c. had called d. has called b 49. If it too much trouble, I’d love a cup of tea.
  65. a. weren’t b. isn’t c. hadn’t been d. may not be > a 50. He 53 pages so far. a. has been reading b. has read c. reads d. read b TEST 11 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. this b. thick c. maths d. thin a 2. a. page b. game c. go d. gift a 3. a. see b. saw c. sort d. sure d 4. a. watching b. matches c. machine d. kitchen c 5. a. habdalah b. tabby c. pattern d. kaddish a 6. a. phoned b. called c. cooked d. raised c 7. a. picture b. written c. ribbon d. hiding d II. Find the mistake: 8. Your personality is important for the success of your work. a. personality b. is c. for d. of > c 9. The surgeon is a genius. We are not doubtful on it. a. is b. genius c. are not d. on > d 10. Why are you angry with me? I hadn’t do anything wrong. a. are b. with c. hadn’t do
  66. d. wrong > c III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. The company was very with my work. a. good b. glad c. impressed d. agreed > c 12. Mathematics is a subject in every high-school. a. easy b. compulsory c. despised d. unimportant b 13. Most families at least one television. a. have b. in c. that d. has a 14. After any war, the world desires a lasting a. peace b. piece c. happiness d. pleasure a 15. The human brain only two percent of an adult’s body weight. a. which makes up b. it makes up c. makes it up d. makes up d 16. . cause extensive damage to Pacific Island nations each year. a. Because of the high tides and winds during hurricanes b. The high tides and winds of hurricanes c. The high hurricane tides and winds which d. That the high tides and winds of hurricanes b 17. Our director gave us a furious look and out of the room. a. surged b. hurled c. stormed d. burst >c
  67. 18. Do you think we'll find a solution the problem? a. for b. of c. to d. on c 19. The girl’s mother was in by her lies. a. drawn b. taken c. pulled d. caught > b 20. You must be careful when you wash the china-ware. a. weak b. sensitive c. delicate d. feeble c 21. Do you enjoy traveling bicycle? a. with b. on c. in d. by > d 22. You for ages. Have you finished? a. had telephoned b. had been telephoned c. have been telephoning d. have telephoned c 23. Which magazine would you me to read? a. suggest b. say c. rather d. advise >d 24. His success his mother's heart. a. greeted b. rejoiced c. welcomed d. cheered b 25. I have only to forget my raincoat it rains. a. that b. so c. and
  68. d. than > c 26. Happiness sometimes makes us tears. a. pour b. leak c. spill d. shed d 27. The autumn air felt so that I went to fetch a coat. a. chilly b. cool c. chill d. shivery > a 28. The money in the robbery will never be found. a. stealing b. stole c. stolen d. be stolen c 29. I haven’t seen Betty . I hope she isn’t ill. a. later b. late c. lately d. too late >c 30. We must take an umbrella. It a. was raining b. is raining c. rains d. rained b 31. The crowds riot through the streets. a. incited b. caused c. ran d. went > c 32. He told me early. a. to try to come b. to try coming c. try to come d. try coming a 33. It’s high time to take another of medicine. a. cup
  69. b. drink c. dose d. spoon >c 34. That building will be demolished. a. exploded b. torn up c. removed d. torn down d 35. It is the coins are over a thousand years old. a. said b. described c. told d. mentioned >a 36. The hotel was any one we had stayed at before. a. more expensive than b. more expensive as c. most expensive than d. better expensive than a 37. Fortunately I very quickly after my illness. a. discovered b. recovered c. uncovered d. covered >b 38. Every citizen may the protection of the law. a. accuse b. blame c. cause d. claim d 39. The police were on in the streets all night. a. work b. alarm c. duty d. service >c 40. This watch is only made of plastic so it's quite a. valuable b. invaluable c. worthless d. priceless c
  70. 41. I will keep your application file for the time being. a. on b. with c. in d. at >a 42. He got an excellent grade in his examination he had not worked particularly hard. a. on account of b. because c. in spite of d. although d 43. It’s necessary for you to have a passport and a visa. a. both b. as well as c. either d. each >a 44. He has recently his old building. a. reformed b. adjusted c. restored d. modified c 45. This afternoon I was fined parking near a pedestrian crossing. a. for b. by c. with d. at >b 46. In order to buy his house, he had to ask the bank for a a. loan b. finance c. capital d. debt a 47. Her political future is now hanging by a . a. thread b. cord c. string d. rope >a 48. Would you mind me a favour? a. making b. doing
  71. c. finding d. picking b 49. The supermarket is at the corner of a busy street. a. stood b. placed c. situated d. put > c 50. I think you better not tell him the truth. a. will b. should c. would d. had d TEST 12 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. a. ear b. pear c. fear d. hear b 2. great b. heat c. cheat d. meat a 3. row b. cow c. show d. mow b 4. a. molecule b. pure c. business d. value c 5. a. worry b. wonder c. discover d. note d 6. a. dictation b. repetition c. station d. question d 7. a. sure b. this c. ask d. stop a II. Find the mistake: 8. We have to start early because we won’t be late. a. have to b. early c. because d. won’t be late > c 9. Don’t let a good chance going by. a. Don’t let b. a c. going d. by > c
  72. 10. Being good for agricultural purposes, soil must have in it the minerals plants require. a. Being good b. must have c. it d. require > a III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. My brother has just bought a new near the shopping center. a. accommodation b. housing c. flat d. rental >c 12. What he says makes no . to me. a. reason b. truth c. sense d. matter c 13. Malaria, which can be fatal if left untreated, is transmitted by the female, by the male mosquito. a. not b. however c. despite d. instead >a 14. He said that he badly sick since he returned from abroad. a. had been b. has been c. was d. would be a 15. We’ll never to get there by nine. The roads are quite busy today. a. manage b. arrive c. succeed d. able >a 16. How did you this document? a. come into b. come by c. come to d. come at b
  73. 17. He wasted time searching for the door key. a. priceless b. costly c. expensive d. valuable > d 18. High schools offer a wide of subjects. a. field b. scope c. list d. range d 19. Sometimes we use language in communication. a. hand b. gesture c. head d. signal d 20. It’s a foregone that Jim will be top of the class again. a. concept b. conclusion c. proposal d. prediction >b 21. I like to wear a beautiful of pearls round my neck. a. string b. ring c. band d. bracelet >a 22. My shoes need a. to clean b. clean c. cleaning d. be cleaned c 23. The judge her never to do it again. a. warned b. explained c. threatened d. said >a 24. When he came , he found himself in the bed. a. round b. off c. over
  74. d. out a 25. Our family has gone on a of the Alps for our holiday. a. turn b. route c. tour d. round > c 26. Don't worry about next interview. It's just a a. form b. format c. formation d. formality d 27. This is my business and you have no right to . a. intervene b. interfere c. interrupt d. disturb >b 28. The of the motor car on TV last night attracted many viewers. a. approach b. inauguration c. initiation d. advert d 29. The taxi up by the kerb. a. turned b. stopped c. came d. drew > d 30. You can choose an idea place for your holidays after browsing these a. booklets b. yellow pages c. brochures d. propaganda c 31. We began early to miss the worst of the traffic. a. so that b. in so far c. in order d. as long as >c 32. We shouldn't live beyond our
  75. a. income b. earning c. gaining d. attainment a 33. After a day of hard work I am totally . a. weak b. exhausted c. strained d. dull >b 34. She was in the film on TV and didn't hear the phone. a. engrossed b. submerged c. gripped d. distracted a 35. We could cut the grass if it would stop raining for an afternoon. a. ever b. just c. only d. even >c 36. He will phone if he his mind. a. has changed b. changes c. changed d. will change b 37. The students were warned sailing alone on the lake by the instructor. a. not b. about c. from d. out of > b 38. I suggested going to the seaside but they turned it down. a. made (it) shorter b. refused c. threw (it) to the floor d. rejected d 39. All of us would be very to go to China one day. a. hopeful b. enjoyable c. fond d. interested
  76. > a 40. She is certainly a very girl, she can make up an interesting story for a short time. a. imaginary b. imaginable c. imaginative d. imagining c 41. The wheels as the car went over an icy patch. a. skipped b. skidded c. slid d. slipped >b 42. They have me to buy their house. a. suggested b. persuaded c. argued d. resulted b 43. Most of the double rooms are the size. a. same b. similar c. equal d. like >a 44. The police the thief and then took him to the police station. a. chased b. looked c. captured d. hunted c 45. The army defeat at the hands of its enemies. a. tolerated b. suffered c. bore d. supported > b 46. In the of success, you must entertain us. a. event b. condition c. chance d. fact a 47. In an attempt to get to the of the problem, he took his car engine to bits.
  77. a. root b. gist c. base d. centre > a 48. All at once, black clouds appeared and it started to rain. a. Suddenly b. At times c. Occasionally d. Immediately a 49. He sport to keep fit, not because he likes it. a. plays b. makes c. practises d. trains >a 50. There have been protests from animal rights group about on animals. a. experience b. experiments c. expiration d. trials b TEST 13 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. weight b. height c. straight d. late b 2. a. jumped b. smiled c. picked d. looked b 3. a. forget b. forty c. former d. fortunate a 4. a. blew b. flew c. new d. crew c 5. a. thank b. thick c. they d. thin c 6. a. either b. neither c. height d. leisure d 7. a. chief b. of c. leaf d. thief b II. Find the mistake: 8. He had to explain the lesson very clear so that his students could understand it. a. had to
  78. b. clear c. so that d. could > b 9. Doctors are using laser beam to remove of bone in ear surgery. a. are using b. to remove c. of d. in > c 10. We wish today was sunny so that we could spend the day in the country communing with nature. a. was b. so that c. could spend d. in the country > a III. Grammar and vocabulary: 11. The students left the room they had finished their exam. a. while b. soon c. once d. during >c 12. Direct speech: "Why did he move to San Francisco?" (Change into Indirect speech) a. I wondered that why he had moved to San Francisco. b. I wondered that why he hadn't moved to San Francisco. c. I wondered that why he moved to San Francisco. d. I wondered that why he would move to San Francisco. a 13. The brothers are so alike that I cannot one from the other. a. say b. notice c. tell d. mark >c 14. Nancy was on her own when she lived in London. a. free b. alone c. sick d. uncommitted b
  79. 15. The tallest bird on the North American continent, the white whooping crane, four and a half feet tall. a. stands b. which stands c. it stands d. standing > a 16. It was that I couldn't eat it. a. such a hard cake b. such hard cake c. so a hard cake d. so hard cake a 17. The prisoner that he had assaulted a policeman. a. refused b. declined c. denied d. rejected >c 18. Robert opened the drawer and a knife. a. taking out b. taken out c. took out d. take out c 19. Do you mind that everyone has got a ticket? a. controlling b. checking c. assuring d. knowing > c 20. "I have bought this washing machine for two months but now, it is out of order." "Don't worry. Your car is being " a. stopped b. broken c. serviced d. rented c 21. With every he took, he got more and more tired. a. walk b. march c. step d. foot >c 22. The robber made the bank manager the money. a. hand over
  80. b. to hand over c. handing over d. handed over a 23. I wish I could give you the to your problems. a. answer b. conclusion c. reply d. end >a 24. How long is it since you Mary? a. has seen b. saw c. had seen d. see b 25. His youngest brother intends to take skating next winter. a. to b. up c. on d. in > b 26. his old age, Mr. Johnson runs seven miles before breakfast. a. Though b. Although c. In spite of d. Instead of c 27. The fire was by the time the firemen arrived. a. finished b. off c. away d. out >d 28. I remember the package a few days before going to the countryside. a. to send b. sending c. sent d. to have sent b 29. My teacher was very conscious his bald head. a. of b. with c. about d. for
  81. >a 30. Seeing all that food made me very a. hunger b. hungry c. hungrily d. hurry b 31. It took us five hours of negotiation to a compromise. a. make b. do c. arrive d. reach > d 32. You have to run or you will miss the train. a. instead b. else c. therefore d. though b 33. The police car the suspect for over 100 miles. a. persisted b. ensued c. sued d. pursued >d 34. He was brought in the spirit of communism. a. back b. down c. up d. in c 35. The offer of a place at a good university is not to be at. a. coughed b. sneezed c. laughed d. rejected >b 36. the time you reach the airport, the plane will have taken off. a. At b. On c. By d. In c 37. It never his mind that his dishonesty would be discovered. a. crossed b. came
  82. c. sprung d. passed >a 38. They object the proposal to restrict the use of cars in the city. a. at b. with c. for d. to d 39. The official report on the accident was a of lies. a. pack b. bundle c. heap d. bunch >a 40. Did they build the garage as the house? a. at the same time b. in the same time c. on the same time d. the same time a 41. Unless you to the rules, we’ll have to ask you to leave. a. obey b. stand c. do d. conform >d 42. We believe that there is a between them. a. join b. chain c. link d. connector c 43. The high cost of advertising is invariably paid by the . a. target b. consumer c. market d. client >b 44. If you want to find these titles, look them up in the a. reference b. index c. catalogue d. directory b 45. Very often the chocolate inside is not as exciting as its .
  83. a. coat b. wrapper c. cover d. paper >b 46. You can your troubles with me. Don't argue with your boss. a. share b. save c. deprive d. avoid a 47. Mary was called upon to evidence against her father. a. say b. give c. tell d. put >b 48. Lucy that dress since Barbara's wedding. a. haven't worn b. didn't wear c. doesn't wear d. hasn't worn d 49. She don’t believe what he says. She has about him. a. hopes b. doubts c. odds d. chances >c 50. When students finish high school, they have several choices: a. going to college, getting a job, or the army. b. going to college, getting a job, or joining the army. c. going to college, finding a job, or join into the army. d. to go to college, getting a job, or joining the army. b TEST 14 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. flour b. pour c. hour d. flower b 2. a. walked b. missed c. wanted d. stopped c 3. a. behind b. determine c. tiny d. vine b 4. a. son b. none c. gone d. money c
  84. 5. a. sound b. doubt c. would d. count c 6. a. deliver b. delicate c. define d. deny b 7. a. reach b. teacup c. hearing d. heat c II. Find the mistake: 8. Before I moved to another place, the man who lives across the street often helped me with my English. a. moved b. lives c. often helped d. with b 9. Upon hatching, young ducks known how to swim. a. Upon b. hatching c. known d. how to swim >c 10. In order of go abroad, one must present a medical report. a. In order of b. must present c. a d. medical > a III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. They showed a total for the local wildlife. a. danger b. ignorance c. destruction d. disregard >d 12. We can learn from his talk. a. something b. nothing c. anything d. nonething a 13. The fishing usually returns at dusk. a. force b. parade c. boats d. fleet
  85. >d 14. The soldiers received commands from one-eyed general. a. a b. an c. very d. no word is needed a 15. The earth on the sun for its heat and light. a. depends b. depending c. has depend d. is depend >a 16. The doctor recommended morning exercises every morning. a. my father doing b. that my father do c. that my father does d. that my father must do b 17. He was with an extraordinary musical ability. a. ensured b. entrusted c. entreated d. endowed >d 18. The foreign policies . the Hoover administration undertook in 1929 were marked by good will and peaceful purpose. a. that b. where c. on which d. of a 19. I wish my director to the conference this morning. a. came b. could come c. can come d. will come >b 20. Who is your favorite friend? The girl the red hat. a. wearing b. wore c. worn d. to wear a 21. I could a note of panic in his voice. a. desist
  86. b. detest c. detect d. deter >c 22. Hardly me when he greeted. a. he had seen b. did he saw c. has he seen d. had he seen d 23. I wish your children making that noise. It’s disturbing me. a. would stop b. are going to stop c. stop d. can stop >a 24. "Do you still remember my name?" - "Yes." - He asked me if I still remembered his name, and a. I hadn't. b. I said I did. c. I said I wouldn't. d. I answered I had. b 25. It is impossible to tell the twins apart. a. realistically b. virtually c. closely d. extremely >b 26. Many companies participated the trade fair. a. on b. in c. with d. about b 27. The delay to the flight was brought by bad weather. a. about b. in c. down d. up >a 28. It was only he told me his address that I realised that we were neighbors. a. then b. until c. as soon as
  87. d. when b 29. For thousands of years, people have used vast amounts of wood for building and . their homes. a. they heat b. to heat c. heating d. heat c 30. I don't know how to tell you I have to say. a. what b. which c. when d. that a 31. He said that the plane had already left and that I arrived an hour earlier. a. must have b. had to c. should have d. was supposed to >c 32. I advise you your money in the bank. a. to put b. put c. putting d. be put a 33. Thousands of people use the of footpaths across these hills. a. grid b. network c. circuit d. channel >b 34. Dick's business must be going rather well, by the house he has just bought. a. deducing b. deciding c. inferring d. judging d 35. We never go into the classroom the window. a. out of b. over c. under d. through
  88. > d 36. It turned out that he rushed to school as the teacher came to class late. a. hadn't b. should have c. needn't have d. mustn't c 37. I want to thank you for your letter you told me about the weather in England. a. in which b. where c. that d. within which >a 38. This contract is now a. pointless b. worthless c. meaningless d. hopeless b 39. You may say you like. a. as far as b. as long as c. as much as d. so far >b 40. for the fact that he was working abroad, he would willingly have helped with the project. a. If it had been b. If it had not been c. Had it been d. Hadn't it been b 41. The talks in the classroom, in the corridor and in the schoolyard do not a. matter much b. help much c. take place d. go to > c 42. Whenever he had an important decision to make, he to calm his nerves! a. had smoked b. would have smoked c. would smoke
  89. d. would be smoking c 43. One day a farmer and his son were to a town. a. on the road b. on our path c. on their way d. by the way >c 44. If Elizabeth hadn't started smoking cigarettes, she a bad cough. a. would have got b. wouldn't have got c. would get d. hadn't got b 45. A newspaper’s opinions are given in its . a. cartoons b. editorial c. reports d. titles >b 46. They want to be independent their parents. a. of b. with c. from d. for a 47. The terrorists who hijacked the plane last night are still holding ten a. casualties b. hostages c. pedestrians d. victims >b 48. Mr. Brown is not a serious investor, but he likes to in the stock market. a. splash b. splatter c. paddle d. dabble d 49. Only a small number of countries possess nuclear . a. ammunition b. equipment c. guns d. weapons >d 50. he had a bad cold, William still went to work.
  90. a. Although b. However c. In spite of d. Instead of a TEST 15 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. sound b. country c. mount d. denounce b 2. a. army b. start c. quarter d. party c 3. a. orange b. acquaint c. arrange d. change a 4. a. sings b. comes c. laughs d. blows c 5. a. invite b. site c. decide d. visit d 6. a. barter b. banker c. card d. start b 7. a. worked b. stopped c. forced d. wanted d II. Find the mistake: 8. In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to when driving a car. a. riding b. is c. similar to d. when > d 9. The speaker is very well-acquainted of the subject. a. is b. very c. well-acquainted d. of > d 10. If you burn the garbage, it will give off unpleased odour. a. If b. burn c. will give d. unpleased > d III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. I suggest we for the cheapest method. a. choose
  91. b. decide c. opt d. select >c 12. He had to retire from the match, suffering from a ligament. a. torn b. broken c. slipped d. sprained a 13. There has been a increase in the use of motorbikes in the last few years. a. noticed b. seen c. keen d. marked >d 14. Have you ever seen telescopes? a. astrologic b. aeronautic c. astronomic d. atmospheric c 15. We live in a very populated area of India. a. sparsely b. scarcely c. hardly d. barely >a 16. Archaeology is one of the most interesting scientific a. divisions b. disciplines c. matters d. compartments b 17. Many children are afraid cats. a. by b. for c. about d. of >d 18. Hardly had Tom eaten he felt hungry again. a. than b. after c. when d. before
  92. c 19. Conversations you strike up an acquaintance usually tend to be . a. trivial b. perverse c. insufficient d. imperative a 20. ., Mary spent her childhood in London. a. She was like her brother, Peter b. Her brother, Peter, was like her c. Like her brother, Peter d. That she was like her brother, Peter c 21. . player tried his best, our team could win the match. a. Each b. Since each c. If each d. Were each c 22. The first telephone was the of modern communications networks. a. ancestor b. precursor c. antecedent d. premonition b 23. She’s always got well with young people. a. off b. on c. through d. in >b 24. The accident while he was driving on the highway. a. was happening b. happened c. happening d. were happening b 25. After several hours on the road, they became to the fact that they would never go home by nightfall. a. dejected b. resigned c. depressed d. disillusioned b 26. Never a gift horse in the mouth. a. feel
  93. b. catch c. look d. hold >c 27. Would you my switching the television on now? a. disapprove b. mind c. want d. object >b 28. When the police examined the house, they found that someone had with the cash. a. touched b. tampered c. broken d. hindered b 29. You better be careful not to miss the flight! a. would b. had c. should d. did >b 30. By the end of last year he four Shakespeare plays. a. read b. had read c. has read d. was reading b 31. What bird is the symbol of the United States? The a. turkey b. eagle c. owl d. bear >b 32. People no longer smoke cigarettes as they used to. a. so much b. so many c. such much d. such many b 33. The American Civil War was a war between the a. North and the South b. East and the West c. United States and Great Britain d. colored and the white
  94. >a 34. Some improvements in the bus service in this town. a. have recently been made b. has recently been made c. were recently made d. have been recently made a 35. It is imperative that this bridge before May. a. were built b. built c. be build d. build >c 36. No sooner had Linda bought a new radio Daisy bought a better one. a. when b. after c. until d. than d 37. He returned the borrowed book . a. the next very day b. the next day very c. the very next day d. the very day next >c 38. Turn left into the third on the left and the second on the right. a. took b. taking c. taken d. take d 39. Do you remember what I told me? I don’t recall about it. a. having told b. having been told c. to have told d. to have been told >b 40. Please me a line or ring me at the office. a. take b. let c. drop d. leave c 41. John appears some weight, has he been ill? a. having lost
  95. b. having been lost c. to have lost d. to have been lost >c 42. Is this hotel you could find? a. best b. the best c. better d. the better b 43. “Would you like to go to the cinema?” “No, thank you, I would stay home.” a. better b. like c. rather d. prefer >c 44. This building by the end of 2004. a. will be finished b. will have been finished c. will finish d. will have finished b 45. I suggest that the matter reconsidered. a. has b. being c. is d. be >d 46. If I knew the answer, I you right away. a. would tell b. will tell c. told d. had told a 47. in an electric typewriter is the ability to correct spelling errors. a. There are many new features b. New features c. The new features d. One of the new features >d 48. Once the air warms up, the snow should start to a. dissolve b. defrost c. liquefy d. thaw
  96. d 49. Ballet dancer, actors, must spend many hours a day practising before a performance. a. alike b. likely c. like d. same >c 50. Peter looks so much like someone I knew years ago. It's quite . a. unlikely b. uncanny c. unspeakable d. unnatural b Test 16 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. pardon b. hard c. parent d. park c 2. a. stage b. manage c. village d. baggage a 3. a. good b. roof c. foot d. flood d 4. a. looked b. missed c. stopped d. dreamed d 5. a. cast b. tasteful c. task d. fast b 6. a. invitation b. blind c. decide d. provide a 7. a. acrobat b. lane c. animal d. thanks b II. Find the mistake: 8. John and Lan have different cultures; that was why they often have different ways of living. a. have b. cultures c. that was why d. have > c 9. You have to study hardly to keep pace with your classmates. a. have to b. study c. hardly d. to keep pace with > c
  97. 10. After you graduate from the university, you still have to go on study. a. graduate b. from c. have to d. study > d III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. I suppose you just went to the disco improve your conversational skills. a. so as b. for c. in order to d. too >c 12. You will not be fined if you with the rules. a. comply b. adhere c. observe d. abide a 13. John eats very little put on weight. a. so as to b. so as not to c. in order to d. so that b 14. the monthly salary, he has no income. a. Leaving aside b. Not counting c. Let alone d. Apart from d 15. There has been so much media of the coming election that people have got bored with it. a. broadcasting b. circulation c. concern d. coverage d 16. His salary was decreased because he his responsibility. a. cancelled b. postponed c. delayed d. omitted d
  98. 17. The life of Uncle Ho, a great man . many stories have been told, was very simple. a. of b. about whom c. about d. of which b 18. His noise interrupted my of thought. a. chain b. series c. line d. train d 19. The soup was beautifully cooked, I agree, but the meat was a bit too salty for my a. appetite b. desire c. liking d. favor c 20. Her accusation left him rage. a. dumb b. silent c. speechless d. mute c 21. I'll have the mechanic my car this weekend. a. to repair b. repaired c. repairing d. repair d 22. He money out of the old couple. a. deprived b. swindled c. robbed d. extracted b 23. He found it to study at home. a. impossibility b. impossible c. to impossible d. impossibly b 24. Before they would receive the proposal, they wanted to with each other.
  99. a. confess b. confirm c. confer d. confide c 25. That ancient bicycle of hers is a joke among her classmates. a. steady b. standing c. settled d. stable b 26. It's none of your business: please don't other people's affairs. a. bump into b. meddle in c. tot up d. come across b 27. The film was so boring that I a. flaked out b. broke up c. dropped out d. fell over a 28. He is decorating his house with a view it. a. to sell b. to selling c. sell d. selling b 29. My income does not me to meet all my financial commitments. a. enable b. able c. ability d. be able to a 30. His teachings had a profound effect on her. a. depth b. affection c. affliction d. influence d 31. When he spoke on the phone, his voice was so that I could hardly hear him. a. dim b. faint c. loud
  100. d. dull b 32. A: It's a long way from Britain, isn't it? B: Yes, but it isn't as as Hong Kong. a. far b. farther c. farthest d. farer a 33. A: It's hot there, isn't it? B: It's very during the day. a. hot b. hotter c. hottest d. hoter a 34. Japan is usually Saudi Arabia in summer. a. hotter than b. as hot as c. cooler than d. so hot as c 35. The temperature in winter in Mexico is that in summer in Japan. a. higher than b. similar to c. lower than d. as high as c 36. "He didn't understand it." " " a. So did I b. I did too c. I did either d. Neither did I d 37. Do you know one of the largest universities located town? a. a small midwestern b. in a small midwestern c. small midwestern d. in small midwestern b 38. his life, he was regarded as the most brilliant playwright. a. It was the time of b. While c. During d. By the time of c
  101. 39. Social Security Act of 1935 was written to insure workers against unemployment. a. The b. What the c. For the d. After the a 40. "What's your proposal?" "I propose that the meeting ." a. is postponing b. be postponed c. to be postponed d. postpones b 41. The more I learn, I know. a. the most b. the very more c. much more d. the more d 42. My sister's tooth still gives her some pain. She gone to the dentist yesterday. a. must be b. would have c. should have d. could be c 43. At four o'clock, Mr. David still had some to do in the garden. a. work b. job c. effort d. task a 44. Nam go fishing with his father when he was young. a. used to b. is use to c. has used to d. was used to a 45. Chemists are not sure a. how precisely can cold fusion occur b. cold fusion can occur precisely how c. precisely how cold fusion can occur d. can cold fusion occur precisely how c 46. Most of the iceberg is the water. a. on
  102. b. under c. in d. below b 47. The train will be leaving in five minutes so you better hurry up. a. had b. should c. will d. would a 48. He was an writer because he persuaded many people to see the truth of his ideas. a. ordinary b. influential c. unlimited d. accurate b 49. If we had known your new address, we to see you. a. came b. will come c. would come d. would have come d 50. A: Where would you like to go for a holiday? B: I'd like to go to Hong Kong of all. a. much b. more c. most d. best c Test 17 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. unlucky b. sun c. June d. fun c 2. a. missed b. stopped c. looked d. invited d 3. a. young b. about c. account d. sound a 4. a. astronaut b. anchor c. spaceman d. capsule c 5. a. Christmas b. anchor c. chemistry d. cheque d 6. a. deliver b. different c. diagram d. disease c 7. a. kitchen b. chip c. lichen d. chicken
  103. > c II. Find the mistake: 8. A free educating is guaranteed to every citizen. a. A b. educating c. is guaranteed d. every > b 9. Whenever students asked for help or guidance, the counselor would advise them or refer them to someone who will. a. for help b. would advise c. them or refer them d. will > d 10. Her coat was laying on the floor. a. Her coat b. was c. laying d. on > c III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. Not until the late Middle Ages a major construction material. a. glass did become b. did glass become c. did become glass d. glass did > b 12. When crossing the room, the night nurse happened to notice the old lady to get out of bed. a. has tried b. to try c. trying d. tried c 13. Recently, there have been several outbreaks of disease like legionnaire’s syndrome, and doctors don’t know a. what is the cause b. the cause is what c. is what the cause d. what the cause is > d 14. He being given a receipt for the bill he had paid.
  104. a. asked to b. insisted on c. demanded d. required b 15. It is usually lava but gas that kills people during volcanic eruptions. a. not only b. not c. neither d. no >b 16. He retired early ill-health. a. on behalf of b. for the sake of c. ahead of d. on account of d 17. Bob is not exclusive, he a. tries hard b. makes friends easily c. comes on time d. keeps to himself >b 18. This is the of the stolen bicycle. a. detail b. description c. information d. example b 19. The patient was in hospital from November 23 to December 3, inclusive, a period days. a. twelve b. ten c. eleven d. thirteen >c 20. We stayed at home because Ann wasn’t very keen going out the rain. a. for / under b. about / with c. on / in d. for / below c
  105. 21. A number of members asked me to intercede, but I refused to act as a (an) a. understudy b. insurgent c. adversary d. go-between > d 22. - "Why is the ground so wet?" - "It last night." a. must rain b. would have rained c. should have rained d. must have rained d 23. Many species of animals and plants today are a. endangered b. in risk c. risky d. under >a 24. I object to like this. a. to be treated b. being treated c. be treated d. being to treat b 25. He gets very about scientific experiments being carried out on animals. a. worked down b. worked out c. worked over d. worked up > d 26. He’s very clever telling jokes. a. on b. at c. in d. about b 27. apples are grown in Washington State. a. Best b. The most good c. The best d. The better >c 28. I am of listening to your complaints. a. tired
  106. b. uninterested c. bored d. disappointed a 29. is cheaper for students who maintain a B average because they are a better risk than average or below-average students. a. Automobile’s insurance b. Insurance of automobiles c. Automobile insurance d. Insurance automobile >c 30. They are going to that slum district to build several apartment buildings. a. shower b. demolish c. ambush d. transfer b 31. There are three kinds of solar eclipses: one is total, another is annular, and a. the another is partial b. the partial is other c. other is partial d. the other is partial > d 32. I think that she is for the job. a. offered b. applied c. qualified d. refused c 33. Crows and vultures are living on carrion. a. predators b. parasites c. scavengers d. scroungers >c 34. A lot of fuss was in the play but it wasn’t a success. a. tried b. done c. performed d. made d 35. Your cat has scratched me with its a. claws b. hoofs
  107. c. nails d. paws >d 36. They walked because they couldn’t to take a taxi. a. afford b. rent c. pay d. hire a 37. is an ancient source of energy. a. The wind b. Winds c. Wind d. A wind >c 38. Some large cities have to cars from the city centre because of pollution problems. a. explore b. concentrate c. reject d. ban d 39. According to the Christian Bible, when the disciples saw Jesus after he had risen from the dead, they said: “ ” a. It is him b. It is he c. It is his d. It is himself > d 40. It is essential that Tom here at 8 a m. tomorrow. a. comes b. will come c. come d. to come c 41. In partnership with John D. Rockefeller. Henry Flager the standard oil company. a. helped forming b. helped form c. he helped form d. helping to form >b 42. Neither my sister nor I going to the party tomorrow. a. are b. is c. am
  108. d. will be c 43. We saw a huge of ducks through our binoculars. a. flock b. herd c. pack d. shoal > a 44. She is her brother. a. twice as old as b. twice older than c. as old as twice d. more twice older than a 45. Technology deals with the of science. a. appliance b. application c. empiricism d. practicability > b 46. All planes before they take off. a. will checked b. will has checked c. will be checked d. will been checked c 47. Many solutions to technical problems are discovered by a. experience b. hit and miss c. rule of thumb d. trial and error >d 48. "Those lanterns are interesting." "We saw at the art fair." a. them made b. make them c. they made d. making them a 49. John and Susan decided to get married a. as to plan b. according to planned c. as plan d. as planned > d 50. If I , I would have done better on my test. a. had study
  109. b. have studied c. will study d. had studied d Test 18 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. cheque b. question c. quit d. queen > a 2. a. beat b. league c. heart d. beneath > c 3. a. brown b. bow c. mow d. snow > a 4. a. beef b. deep c. career d. sheep > c 5. a. saint b. main c. claim d. stairs > d 6. a. code b. rode c. modest d. mode > c 7. a. reduce b. popular c. stupid d. result > d II. Find the mistake: 8. It took her for a long time to throw off her bad cold because of her poor health. a. took b. for c. to throw off d. because of > b 9. There is nothing better than take a boat on the lake in the park in the afternoon. a. There is b. better than c. take d. in the afternoon > c 10. I lost my temper of the customs official. a. lost b. temper c. of d. customs official > c III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. Oh, dear, I see we’ve coffee. Do you mind drinking tea? a. done without
  110. b. gone off c. run out of d. turned out > c 12. I wish that the weather not so cold. a. was b. be c. were d. are c 13. There is nothing very to do in that small town. a. enjoy b. enjoyable c. enjoyed d. enjoying >b 14. "Can you tell me the way to the post office?" "I'm sorry. I'm not familiar this town." a. with b. of c. about d. for a 15. They . all kinds of sackcloth. a. produce b. do c. audit d. deposit > a 16. They used to go skiing in the mountain every winter, but for the past five years. a. they don’t go b. they haven’t gone c. they are not going d. they didn’t go b 17. Professor Jones is one of the most brilliant physicists of his a. class b. country c. generation d. year >c 18. My sister won’t go to college until she 22 years old. a. isn’t b. is c. will be
  111. d. has been b 19. The success of his research was attributed to 10% and 90% application. a. common sense b. greed c. hard work d. inspiration >c 20. The doctor asked him to disrobe before the check-up. a. take medicine b. breathe deeply c. relax d. undress d 21. His ideas are invariably condemned as by fellow-scientists. a. imaginative b. impractical c. ingenious d. theoretical > b 22. Who is responsible the garbage - Tuan or Dung? a. to take out b. for take out c. for taking out d. with taking out c 23. She has a very bad . for telephone numbers. a. imagination b. memory c. mind d. thought > b 24. "Why are you angry with me?" "I dislike by that name." a. you call b. you to call me c. your calling me d. you call me c 25. The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware she had gone. a. where that b. of where c. of the place where d. the place > b
  112. 26. This is the first time I the novel. a. have read b. would read c. read d. had read a 27. Lee contributed fifty dollars, but he wishes he could contribute a. one other fifty dollars b. the same amount also c. another fifty d. more fifty dollars >d 28. "Did Peter have any complaints about me?" "He wishes you so late all the time." a. weren’t b. aren’t c. haven’t been d. won’t be a 29. George would certainly have attended the proceedings a. if he didn’t get a flat tire. b. if the flat tire hadn’t happened. c. had he not had a flat tire. d. had the tire not flattened itself. >b 30. We don't want to go for a walk the bad weather. a. because b. due to c. because of d. b and c are correct d 31. One of the professor’s greatest attributes is a. when he gives lectures b. how in the manner that he lectures c. the way to give lectures d. his ability to lecture >c 32. They are not so naughty as they once were. They are naughty. a. as b. so c. less d. fewer c 33. If the warning light should come on, turn the red to OFF. a. button b. dial
  113. c. knob d. lever >a 34. Of all the parks in Ho Chi Minh city, Water Park is famous. a. one of the most b. of the most c. one most d. the most one a 35. You’ve got to It’s a brilliant piece of design! a. give it to him b. hand it to him c. take it to him d. take it from him >b 36. Only in the last few years to use home computers. a. have begun people b. when people begun c. have people begun d. people have begun c 37. Older people rarely approve the habits of the younger generation. a. for b. to c. of d. in > c 38. "How was your trip to Dalat?" "Wonderful, except that we spent money." a. so much b. such much c. many d. so many a 39. They will not comply the demands of the prince. a. to b. at c. with d. about >c 40. She won the scholarship. She must very happy. a. has been b. have been c. be d. have be b
  114. 41. In copying this paper, be careful not to leave any words. a. out b. in c. off d. for > a 42. "New York is a fascinating city." " live there." a. So interesting people b. Such interesting peoples c. Such interesting people d. So many interesting peoples c 43. I mistook Helen her sister. a. to b. on c. with d. for > d 44. The girl I saw a red dress. a. wore she b. she wore c. her d. wore d 45. He took hold of the child the arm and helped her to cross the street. a. by b. with c. at d. to > b 46. Kate's family doesn’t approve his career. a. from b. of c. about d. with b 47. We’re looking for new blood to join our dynamic a. circle b. clique c. set d. team > d 48. On July 20, 1969, Astronaut Neil Armstrong down onto the moon. a. was stepping b. stepped c. has stepped
  115. d. was step b 49. Let’s after work and thrash this out between us. a. come together b. gather together c. get together d. meet together > b 50. The ball went towards a passing boat. It went of a passing boat. a. forwards b. forward c. in the direction d. in direction c Test 19 I. Pronunciation: 1. a. practise b. exercise c. advise d. revise > a 2. a. chorus b. chat c. chalk d. chip > a 3. a. beer b. steep c. jeep d. beef > a 4. a. cheat b. chief c. chef d. cheap > c 5. a. machine b. magic c. tragic d. logic > a 6. a. mail b. tail c. airline d. sailor > c 7. a. focus b. fossil c. boss d. loss > a II. Find the mistake: 8. The twins look so alike their grandmother. a. The twins b. look c. so d. alike > d 9. Barbara’s appearance at the reception with the late Mayor’s window cause something of a rumor. a. appearance b. at the reception c. cause d. of >c
  116. 10. It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on. a. difficult b. to sleep c. having d. bed to lie on > b III. Grammar and Vocabulary: 11. Someone who prefers not to join in with everyone else is a a. deviant b. individual c. loner d. pervert > c 12. The manager had me his paper for him last night. a. to type b. type c. to have typed d. typed b 13. I didn’t take up his recommendation, as he sounded so about it. a. half-baked b. half-hearted c. half-timbered d. half-witted >a 14. How did you out your work? a. carry b. carries c. carried d. carrying a 15. He turned to a life of crime he had had a normal, happy childhood. a. as long as b. despite c. even though d. provided that >c 16. Betty has had a new baby but she is not used to early. a. be awakened b. being awakened c. awaken d. awake b 17. Emma . every school holiday in Scotland.
  117. a. spends b. spend c. spent d. will spend >a 18. They don't let me take a taxi. They insist in their car. a. me to come b. on my coming c. on me coming d. for me to come b 19. Why are you under the table? you for something? a. Do / look b. Are / looking c. Did / look d. Have / looked > b 20. Susan since she was four so she dances beautifully. a. has been dancing b. has been danced c. is dancing d. was danced a 21. In my country, we lessons on Mondays. a. didn’t have b. haven’t had c. don’t have d. isn’t having > c 22. My mathematics teacher is person that all of us like his period. a. a such funny b. a so funny c. such funny d. such a funny d 23. My sister football, but I it. a. isn’t liking / love b. doesn’t like / love c. didn’t like / loved d. doesn’t likes / love >b 24. The manager the workers to return to work immediately. a. insisted b. suggested c. demanded d. ordered